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This slogan is pasted across bumper stickers and t-shirts of animal lovers everywhere. Adopting a rescue animal is something that many people may find intimidating, but it is very similar to adopting from a breeder. You cannot tell an animals personality strictly by its breeding. Animals can be equally as loving and kind from a shelter, but in this scenario, you could be saving a life.

    If you are a college student, adopting could be perfect for you. The initial adoption is much cheaper and easier than adopting from a breeder. Also, although everyone always wants a kitten or puppy, young animals are lots of trouble. You could adopt an adult (or even an elder) animal that may already be trained and more relaxed. When you are running around between classes and clubs and jobs, you may not want a puppy or kitten that needs tons of attention. When it’s an animal from a shelter, even if you can’t give them constant attention, it will be better than wherever they may have come from.

    Also another option when it comes to rescue animals is fostering. This is when you open your home to an animal or animals (you can specify the number) until they are adopted. This prevents euthanization, as well as gives the animal a temporary home where they have plenty of space and love, instead of just a cage. This allows you to spend time with animals and do some good, but without the commitment. When you graduate, you do not have to worry about moving across the country with a dog or cat. Also, shelters cover most of the expenses- from veterinary bills to food (depending on the specific shelter’s guidelines). This allows college students to help lots of animals but without the costs and commitment.

    So if you catch yourself with puppy/ kitty fever, remember all of the options that shelters have to offer. There are many benefits to adopting a rescue animal, in addition to the fact that you would be saving a live. According to ASCPA.org, 6.5 million animals enter pet shelters each year, and 1.5 million are euthanized. If you ever do decide to get an animal, remember: Adopt don’t Shop.



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