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9 Books That Will Make Your Heart Burst

1) The Selection Series by Kiera Cass

America Singer wants nothing to do with the Prince’s selection competition to find his Queen. America assumes the Palace and Prince Maxon is something she is most certainly not interested in. But after meeting the Prince and some friends along the way, America discovers something she didn’t know she was looking for. 

Why this book will make your heart burst: Prince Maxon Schreave is every girl’s dream, all he wants in the world is to find the woman he will spend his life with. America is stubborn and full of fire, the prince is immeditaly drawn to her. Maxon and America have so many things in between them and their love. Both Maxon and America want to be together, but their stubbornness gets in the way. Over the course of three books, Maxon and America fight against a million obstacles for each other.


2) The Summer I Turned Pretty Trilogy by Jenny Han

For every summer for as long as Belly Conklin can remember, her family has gone to Cousins Beach with her mother’s best friend and her sons, Conrad and Jeremiah. Belly counts down the days until she is reunited with the sand, salt water, and Conrad Fisher. Belly has been madly in love with broody and beautiful Conrad since she was a little girl. The summer Belly turned 16, everything changed and everything started. 

Why this book will make your heart burst: It’s love triangle featuring two very appealing male leads. Belly has two epic love stories and it gets to the point where you honestly have no idea who she will end up with. If you are a classic love story that keeps you hanging then look no further than this trilogy.

3) Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher

Sophie May is perfectly fine living her quiet life on Rosefront Hill. Sophie has always been overlooked and liked it that way. Sophie works in a little coffee shop, the same customers come everyday. Sophie’s everyday routine that she lives for gets turned upside down when a new customer walks into her little coffee shop. Billy Buskin, the new customer and heartthrob movie star, is immediately drawn to Sophie May. Sophie’s quiet life gets turned upside down by Billy love and exciting life. Sophie has spent her life hiding in the shadows, can she handle being in the spotlight? Billy and Me also has a sequel, Always With Love. 

Why this book will make your heart burst: This book is literally every girl’s dream come true, a movie star falling in love with a regular girl. Billy and Sophie are adorable, fictional couple goals. Their first date is incredibly Pintrest inspired. Billy and Sophie bring out the best and worst in each other in the most adorable way.



4) Me Before You by JoJo Moyes

Lou Clark has a beautiful soul and a kind heart. When Lou looses her job at her favorite cafe, she becomes a caregiver for a man who is paralyzed, Will Traynor. The pair have an immediate dislike for each other. When Lou learns something unsettling about Will, Lou sets out to make Will’s life worth living.

Why this book will make your heart burst: Their story may not have the happiest of endings, but it is an epic love story. Lou gives Will the gift of a life worth living. Will inspires Lou to take chances and gives her the ability to achieve her dreams.


5) Anna and The French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

When Anna’s father ships her off to boarding school in Paris for her senior year. Anna thinks her life is over until she meets Etienne St. Clair. There is an automatic chemistry between St. Clair and Anna. But Anna is still hung up on her crush back in Atlanta and St. Clair has his girlfriend, Ellie. What will become of these two? Will the school year go by and Anna miss her chance for love and a french kiss?

Why this book will make your heart burst: Anna and St. Clair have this undeniable chemistry. Their banter and interactions are adorable and sometimes hilarious. Anna is a very relatable female character and St. Clair almost perfect. It’s lovely and entertaining love story that will twist your heart all around. 


6) Just Friends by Billy Taylor

August and Ethan have been the best of friends ever since the day they met at Ethan’s birthday party when they were seven. Twelve years later, their friendship continues to grow. But after magic, fame, money and a unexplainable car accident, August realizes maybe she wants to be more than just friends.

Why this book will make your heart burst: The obvious connection between August and Ethan is noticable from the very beginning. Ethan will do anything for August, even if it means risking his life. When both friends get their big breaks and their dreams come true, for moment they drift apart. This makes August realize her love for her best friend. Just Friends is filled with magic, love, and friendship. 




7) Jessica’s Guide To Dating on The Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey

Getting married to a vampire definitely was not included in Jessica Packwood’s plan for senior year. When a random exchange student student and vampire prince, Lucius Vladescu, shows up at her adopted family’s home claiming to be her arranged fiancé from her late biological parents, Jess is less than impressed Just as Jess starts to fall for her prince, Lucius seems to lose his way. Jess has to fight for her prince and her crown. 

Why this book will make your heart burst: Lucius Vladescu is absolutely irresistible, a great male lead. Lucius and Jess can’t believe that their parents paired them together. The pair go from absolutely loathing each other to being completely in loved to Jess having to fight to even keep Lucius alive. This two book series is a perfect fall read. 



8) You’re The One That I Want by Giovanna Fletcher 

A classic love triangle between two best friends and their girl best friend. From the moment Ben and Robert laid eyes on Maddy, everything changed. Ben has loved Maddy since he was nine years old. When they are fifteen Ben plans to confess his quiet love for her when they are in Paris, but the night before is his planned confession, Robert kisses Maddy. Not wanting to loose his best friends, Ben keeps his feelings to himself. The story follows the “tripod” of friends through the ups and downs over their twenty plus year friendship. Who will Maddy end up with? 

Why this book will make your heart burst: Both Robert and Ben are absolutely swoon worthy. Gi Fletcher keeps you completely on your toes, there no telling who she ends up with until the last few pages. It is a heartbreakingly beautiful love story.



9) Isla and Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins

It all starts streets of Manhattan and truly begins on a rooftop in Paris. Falling in love was easy for a dreamer Isla and a artist Josh. But as they begin their senior year in France, Isla and Josh are quickly forced to into the the reality that happily-ever-afters aren’t always forever. Will Isla and Josh get a forever?

Why this book will make your heart burst: Josh is first seen in Anna and the French Kiss. Josh has lived a difficult life and Isla is his breathe of fresh air. Josh teaches Isla how to take risks and be free. Though their freedom lesson comes with a price when Josh is expelled. Now thousands of miles are being put between them. Will Josh and Isla survive the distance? 

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