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5 Things That Make The Olympics So Special

The Olympic Games are a time for people to come together and bond over sports. Here’s some  things that make the Olympics special compared to other events.

It's every 2 years

The Olympics don’t happen every year, so there is always new things to look for when it comes on TV. It switches between the summer and winter every 2 years, so we aren’t watching the same sports every time the Olympics is on. The Olympics is so special - because it’s all about waiting to see where the games will be played, when exactly they will happen and who will be competing. 

The olympics involves many countries

The Olympics are a great way to bring the whole world together to bond over a shared love for sports. It brings the best athletes and fans from every country. It’s so intriguing to see where the Olympic games will be played because it’s in a different country every time. In the Summer Olympics around 206 countries compete, and in the Winter Olympics there are around 91 countries that compete. It’s amazing to see how we can get everyone in the world together to watch the same sporting event.  

new sports that we may have not watched before

Most Americans probably watch the most common sports like football, basketball and baseball. Although, the Olympic Games allow people to watch many different sports that they never watch normally. There are specific sports that people associate with the Olympics. For example, some people associate watching swimming or snowboarding with the Olympics. Also, in the Winter Olympics there are sports that you never knew existed, like the skeleton. Everyone can learn about many different sports just by watching the Olympics and listening to the broadcasters. 

new athletes that have amazing talents

There are many athletes that aren’t well known before the Olympics, but when they compete, everyone gets to know and love them. For example, some people may not watch gymnastics regularly, but during the Olympics most people love to watch it. So, when the Fierce Five gymnasts competed at the 2012 Olympics, everyone then knew them and recognized how talented they were, specifically Gabby Douglas and Aly Raisman. Most people followed along with their lives during and after their time at the Olympics. The Olympics is so special because it shows us all these incredibly talented athletes we never knew about.

the opening ceremony

No other sporting event has anything close to what the opening ceremony is like for the Olympics. Every opening ceremony represents something that the home country loves or represents. It’s the time that viewers can see every country that is participating and get excited for the next 2 weeks. It’s always some sort of show and celebration of bringing all nations together. 

Overall, the Olympics is such a special time and event because it brings everyone together and it represents peace throughout all the nations. It’s a time where viewers and fans can put aside our differences and just enjoy a shared love of sports. 

Julia Blackstone is from Dallas, Texas and is a sophomore at the University of Alabama. She is studying News Media with a concentration in Sports. In her free time she loves to hangout with friends and watch tv shows and sports events.
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