5 Things To Do When You're Bored

“I’m bored” has become a reoccurring statement now more than ever. I don’t know about you, but this year I’ve found myself hitting lulls where I want to do something but do not know what to do. It seems like everything is restricted due to COVID-19 or costs more money than I’m willing to spend. If you get as bored as me as fast as I do, then look at this list of five things you can do to cure your boredom.  



  1. 1. Drive Around Town

    I know this sounds like it could be boring and possibly a waste of gas, but I promise it’s fun. Driving around town is something I love to do both alone and with friends. The drive will either lead me to a destination I didn’t even think of or make for a great jam session. With cooler weather developing, rolling the windows down with a great playlist is a fun option.

  2. 2. Paint

    Painting is a great option if you’re bored because it’s stress relieving and is something you can do alone or with friends. A good movie and, if you are of age, a glass of wine can make this activity even more fun. Sometimes if I don’t know what to paint, I’ll just paint an entire piece of paper one color to relieve stress and energy. My personal favorite ways to paint are with watercolors or a paint by numbers!   

  3. 3. Target Run 

    You had to have seen this one coming. Everyone and their mother loves Target. Going to Target is one of the best ways to pass time, especially since Tuscaloosa has a Super Target. You can get your steps in while looking at all of the fun things in stock. Target’s dollar section is my personal favorite place to browse through when I’m bored. Their seasonal decorations are perfect for spicing up a dorm room or apartment! 

  4. 4. Write Someone a Note 

    I know it’s the twenty-first century and we have plenty of instant ways to communicate with each other, however, classic snail mail is something I cannot get enough of. My best friend from home and I decided to start writing to each other this past September and it has been so fun! About once every couple of weeks I like to sit down and fill her in on what has been happening in my life, sometimes I’ll even slip in a surprise like an Alabama sticker! Every note from my friend is like a little present and gives me something to look forward to during these boring times. 

  5. 5. Take a Bath

    Taking a bath is not only another great stress reliever but is also something to do. Pick out a bath bomb, turn on a playlist with your favorite songs, and disconnect from the world. I love taking warm baths when I’m bored, and sometimes I’ll even find myself scrolling through TikTok!