5 Reasons Why We Love Hugh Grant and His Charming Golden Globes Appearance

As many of you award show junkies know, the Golden Globes took place on Sunday, January 7. Hugh Grant, was one of the many actors asked to present an award. The 57-year old is expecting his third child with Anna Eberstein rather soon.


After his Golden Globes appearance and presentation with Sarah Jessica Parker, Grant appeared on Jimmy Fallon and expressed his reaction to Twitter critics. Many people took to twitter to criticize Hugh’s appearance. According to an MSN report, “I did quite enjoy [The Golden Globes], but then I made the schoolboy error of looking at Twitter afterwards,” he told host Jimmy Fallon. “I thought I’d been fine, and I thought I looked quite nice and all done up in my dickie bow. Twitter said I was aging like mayonnaise and that the bags under my eyes were like scrotums. Was I wearing a wig? My whole hair had a hashtag.”


Despite Twitter’s harsh remarks, we wanted to say why we continue to support and love Hugh Grant, even as he approaches 60!


1) We fell in love with his boyish charm in Notting Hill alongside Julia Roberts.

2) We can’t help but remember (and admire) his iconic dance in Love Actually, the British Christmas film!

3) He’s a hopeless romantic and professes his love to Andie MacDowell in Four Funerals and A Wedding with perfect wit.



4) His smile never ceases to amaze us.



5) Last but not least, he’s British, and who doesn’t love a good Brit!


So Twitter, please give Hugh Grant some love next time you want to call him out.


Quote from MSN

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