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5 Netflix Original Movies to Get In the Holiday Spirit

The time of year has finally arrived where the stress of school is coming to an end and cups of hot cocoa by the fire are happening more and more. As the holidays grow closer, holiday movies are a must. Netflix has done a great job of producing original movies that make millions of people gather around their TVs and have a movie night filled with treats and laughs. If you find yourself due for a holiday movie night, here are five Netflix movies to watch!

Love hard

Love Hard, initially released on November 5, 2021, has already stolen the hearts of many across the United States. Natalie thinks she has met her perfect match on a dating app and wants to surprise him for the holidays. However, to when she gets to his house, she realizes that the guy she thought she was falling in love with is not who he says he is nor does he look like his picture.

The knight before christmas

The Knight Before Christmas came out two years ago and has still remained a holiday favorite. A medieval knight is transported to the present and meets Brooke, a high school science teacher. Throughout the movie, Sir Cole professes his love for Brooke and shows her how much he cares for her, even though she doesn’t think she can love again.


Holidate was released in late October 2020, making it the perfect movie to watch during the pandemic holiday season, and again this year. The holidays can be a hard time to be single, especially with family constantly asking whether you have a significant other. Sloane and Jackson decide to be each other’s dates all year long for all holidays. Not thinking much about how this will last long term, they end up realizing they have feelings for each other.

the princess switch

The Princess Switch premiered on November 16, 2018, with two more follow-up movies having been released since then. The premise of this movie is that Stacy, a baker in Chicago, is invited to compete in a baking competition in the kingdom of Belgravia. While she is there, Stacy runs into Lady Margaret who looks exactly like her. Margaret wants time out of the spotlight so she asks Stacy if they could switch lives for a few days, but both women end up falling for the other’s initial love interest.

The holiday calendar

The Holiday Calendar came out in early November 2018 and is still loved around the holiday season three years later. Abby inherits an antique holiday advent calendar from her grandfather, and whatever comes out of the calendar, is brought to life. The calendar starts to predict her future as well as her romance with Josh, Abby’s friend and fellow photographer

Amanda Zimmerman is a junior studying Accounting and News Media at The University of Alabama. A few things she enjoys immensely are Disney, dance, traveling, Dancing With the Stars and Orangetheory Fitness!
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