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The 5 Best Places For Late-Night Drunchies

When midnight rolls around and you’re tired, a little more drunk than you intended to be, and looking for something to satisfy those drunchies we all get late at night on the weekends, Tuscaloosa has all you need to scratch that itch. From sushi to corn dogs, these are the best places to get food late at night.


1. Surin

All you need in your life is midnight sushi. If you’re willing to wait in line, you can get enough sushi to fill your stomach for just a few bucks. Nothing hits the spot after a few too many vodka sodas than a crunchy tuna roll and miso soup.

2. Mahalo Poke

This just replaced Pieology on the strip, which many of us were sad to see go. But Mahalo Poke is more than making up for the absence of pizza by offering late night ramen and goyoza dumplings. I don’t know about you, but whether the sickness is brought on by the flu or by Yellow Hammers at Gallette’s, nothing soothes an upset stomach quite like soup.

3. Cookout

Nothing is better after beer than greasy food. This is fact. No place in Tuscaloosa has greasier food than Cookout. This is also fact. Make sure to thank your designated driver more than usual if she brings you by the cheapest fast food in town to get chicken fingers, a quesadilla, hushpuppies, and an Oreo milkshake before she drops you off safely at your apartment.

4. Hooligans

We all love Glory Bound, but it’s a civilized place – you can’t stumble in to get a gyro after you got too messy at a date party. Instead, you can scratch that Greek food itch at Hooligans, which has amazing fries and the best mint tea in town. (The tea also mixes well with whiskey. Not that I would know.)

5. Quick Grill

Last but definitely not least, Quick Grill is the go-to if you’re so drunk and messy you just need to stuff as many calories in your face at once as is humanly possible. Messy fries are completely covered in chili and cheese and for only 7 dollars, nothing provides more fat and carbs for less. They’re a rite of passage for every girl who goes a little too hard her first time at Rounders and needs the closest and cheapest food available.


So if you go out and have fun, get drunk, and make some questionable decisions, make sure you have your DD stop by one of these five places. No matter what happens, your night will end on a good note.

Kristen is a senior at The University of Alabama majoring in English and minoring in journalism and creative writing. She loves music festivals, reading, Alabama Football, and binge watching Food Network. She serves as Health Chair for the Beta Rho Chapter of Alpha Omega Epsilon. After graduation, she will be moving to Indianapolis to teach through Teach For America.
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