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21st Sign Night Checklist

Twenty-one is the milestone birthday where most people begin to feel like free adults, making it one of the more exciting ages to celebrate. I’m sure some people are probably wondering: what’s a 21st sign night? A sign night is a birthday party where the 21-year-old gets a cutout sign with some of their favorite things on it and on the back is a checklist of 21 things they must accomplish by the end of the night. The party is typically followed by a bar crawl so the celebrated 21-year-old can show off their sign and check off the things on their list.  If you’re thinking about having a sign night for yourself or a friend here is a list of some sign night necessities!

Photo Wall

A photo wall is a must for a picture-perfect party. Popular items for a cute and trendy photo wall include strung up balloons, a metallic streamer background, and a “Happy Birthday” banner. Amazon has a great variety of 21st birthday packages that are also affordable! 

Disposable Cameras 

Along with 90’s inspired fashion, disposable cameras and disposable camera quality pictures have been trending lately. To go along with the photo wall, a disposable camera is a great way to capture all of the fun and wild sign night moments! If you can’t find a disposable camera or maybe don’t want to have to go through the in-store development process, another great option is downloading a disposable camera app like Huji Camera! 

Bottle of Champagne

Of course, celebratory champagne should be popped! A bottle of champagne is so fun to pop and can make for cute 21st birthday pictures. If you’re looking for a bottle that won’t break the bank, try Andre, but if you’re looking to splurge on a special birthday bottle, try Veuve Clicquot! Both can be found at Target. 

Drunk Barbie Cake 

Birthday cake is one of the best and yummiest parts about birthdays, only for a 21st they aren’t necessarily bought to be eaten! Sign night cakes are usually small cakes, decorated with alcohol shooters and a drunk doll cake topper . These cakes can be cute or funny and make for a fun countertop decoration. 

Hi, I'm Claire! I'm currently a senior at Alabama, majoring in business and minoring in sales. I'm so excited to be a writer for Her Campus at Alabama this semester! Some things I love include going to Target, my four dogs, and driving to Birmingham on the weekends with my friends!
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