The Witch Is Back

If there was one show that I loved watching when I was younger, it would have to be Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

She was always getting herself into mischief, her aunts were hilarious, and who didn’t love Salem the cat? Well readers, the creators of the CW show Riverdale have confirmed that Sabrina is about to arrive in 2018! Jon Goldwater, the executive producer of Riverdale, announced at this year’s Comic Con that Sabrina’s spinoff would be horror filled and a dark coming-of-age story. They have yet to cast the character of Sabrina, but fans are wanting to have Dove Cameron, who was most recently in the Disney Channel Original Movie The Descendants, be the lead.

For those of us who watch Riverdale, we already know how dark the show can get. Now, by adding witchcraft to the mix, it’s about to get even better. There are many fan theories linking Sabrina to the Blossoms and the Coopers stating that the two main families in Riverdale have “mystical” powers and that Sabrina is related to them in someway. It’s also a well known fact that Sabrina’s town of Greendale is right beside that of Riverdale. It’s even where Jason and Cheryl Blossom rowed their boat to back in season one.

So, could we expect to see her arrival on the CW show as well? Stay tuned to find out!