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Why You Should Sell on Facebook Marketplace

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Akron chapter.

During the summer, I had the goal of selling at least five items before school started.  Out of all the apps I’ve used to sell my clothes and other miscellaneous items, the best app that worked for me is Facebook Marketplace.  Not only did I reach my goal of selling the five items, I was able to quickly sell items that took less than a day for people to respond if they were interested.  Unlike other apps you use to sell items on, you do not need to start off with any followers.  

    So how do you find people to buy your stuff? Well it’s actually simple, all you have to do is join multiple groups. You can search for something like “selling” and the city you live in; in the search bar under groups or if you would like to sell across the country you can type in “buy, sell and trade” along with the country you live in.  According to Facebook, you are allowed to join up to 6,000 groups but sometimes you need to get approval from the admin which is simple, all you would need to do is answer the questions they have listed.  

For me, I am able to post each of my items in about 20 different groups.  Like all selling apps, there is a fee.  They take out 5% out of each shipment.  A handful of people find this source convenient for their small business and also people who like to make extra money on the side.  

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Chey is in her junior year at Akron studying History along with having a minor in English. Activities she enjoys doing is traveling, shopping and hanging out with friends.