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During the past five years, I read a variety of different books because I wanted to get an idea of different writing styles, inspiration for story lines and because there are many topics that are fascinating to me therefore, I want to learn more about them.  Over these years, I have read about fifty books and some happened to talk about graphic subjects and only one of these books gave a trigger warning.  

I recently became an author as I just published my first book on Amazon. While working on my description for the website, the most important thing I had to take note of was including trigger warnings.  

Trigger warnings are used for when you talk about certain topics in your project that can upset viewers.  A few trigger warnings might include depictions or speaking about self harm, sexual abuse, eating disorders etc. 

I wanted to include trigger warnings because I understand that there are many people in this world who have dealt with traumatic events and I don’t think it is right to have them remember. Thus, I decided to include trigger warnings in my description for the books I included on Amazon and on the back of my book as well.  I’m not going to have readers who are interested wait until they see the paragraph that triggers a memory they didn’t want to remember.  

What I want writers and future writers to know is that it’s very important to include trigger warnings in your book if you happen to talk about graphic subjects.  You might lose a few readers in the end, but do you care more about people’s feelings or is it about making the most money?

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Chey is in her junior year at Akron studying History along with having a minor in English. Activities she enjoys doing is traveling, shopping and hanging out with friends.