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Cut is a YouTube channel based in Seattle, Washington where they have a few different series bringing in guests to take part in their videos.  A few popular series they have are ‘Keep it 100’, ‘Lineup’, ‘Truth or Drink’ and ‘Fear Pong’.  

I first discovered their youtube channel when I would watch their series called ‘100 Years of Beauty’, which started in 2014.  I enjoyed watching it because I was interested in how they showed different styles of beauty changing over the years in different parts of the world.  

After ‘100 Years of Beauty’, they then added more series to their channel and would bring in guests to participate.  My favorite series they do is ‘Lineup‘.  What they usually do is take a few people iand put them in a group, then have them guess about the others in the group. For reference, they did a video and had people guess in a group of strangers who were atheists. Other times, they bring guests and will have the people guessing, and rank people in a certain order depending on their personal opinions.  For reference, they once did a video on who people find most attractive in a group of strangers.  

I like how the team brings in guessers that all have different opinions and thoughts, and even though some can be ignorant, the people who volunteered to be guessed on will sometimes correct them and teach them their actual beliefs or customs.  It is good to educate people instead of automatically bashing them because sometimes people don’t know that it is wrong to think that way but if someone from that community will explain to them why it is wrong then chances are the other person can eventually learn and change their perspective.  

Overall, I think the YouTube channel is fun to watch and I like how they always bring in new ideas.  I have watched their videos since around the time they started and noticed the change in the channel over all these years.  We got to see more series and we were introduced to more people featured on the channel. 

Cut is always open to taking in new guests and you can sign up to be possibly featured in a video with them using this link.  

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