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Tarsiers are a species of monkeys that are native to various parts of Southeast Asia. They are

Tarsiers are a species of monkeys that are native to various parts of Southeast Asia.  They are known for being one of the smallest primates in the world.  Their features consist of long fingers and toes, large eyes and ears along with a stubby body.  They have a special ability to turn their head 180 degrees so they have the opportunity to see behind them without having to move their body.   

They live in forests clinging onto the trees.  A typical diet for a tarsier is eating insects along with meats like lizards, frogs, snakes, birds and bats.  

In Bohol, they have a sanctuary dedicated to these tarsiers.  The setting is a forest that is based on protecting the lives of tarsiers. It is a small area so it doesn’t take you long to go around and they also have a gift shop as well.  There are many other places where you can see them up close but before visiting, it is important to note that they are very shy creatures who get stressed easily.  If you plan on visiting them, make sure the flash is turned off in your cameras, do not make too much noise around them and do not touch them.  Not following this rule can lead to consequences of them being so stressed that they will end up committing suicide, they are able to do so easily by banging their head against a hard object because of how thin and fragile their skulls are.

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