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A bixie is a carefree combo of the bob and pixie haircuts.

Behindthechair.com surmises that the haircut could be a modern version of Princess Diana’s short hairdo in the  ‘80s, and it’s gaining popularity with the new shows such as The Crown and Spencer detail the life of the late icon.

Allure also states that the trend is reminiscent of the ‘90s hairstyles worn by celebrities like Winona Ryder, Gwenyth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz and Halle Berry.

Nevertheless, Princess Diana’s iconic haircut or the ‘90s celebrities bixie like blend isn’t the only way you can style this fun mixture of styles. The article “28 Bixie Haircut Examples Trending in 2022” by Cindy Marcus gives a variety of ways that the bixie can be cut and styled. The article states that the bixie cut “is customizable, making it suitable for women of all ages.”

Some current celebrities sporting this style include: Florence Pugh, Rowan Blanchard and Kristin Stewart.

Do you think you’d like to try the bixie? Maybe you are considering changing up your look. I encourage you to check it out! Short hair can be both fun and challenging!

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