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Veep is back blowing up our HBO GO channels again and we couldn’t be happier. With all the ‘fake news’ we are seeing in our real life, it’s nice to have the O.G. cast and crew of alternative politics back in our lives. Before the show left for break season 5 showed us a very corruptive behind the scene look of what goes on during an intense political election, something we as Americans have seen firsthand. The show’s election was between Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s character Selina Meyer, former VEEP who stumbled her way into becoming POTUS after a shocking resignation, and opponent Senator Laura Montez played by Andrea Savage.

Selina Meyers did everything to secure her seat in the oval office in fear that her short term would be remembered for nothing but 'being the first president to pee sitting down since FDR’, even if that means taking down any accomplices along the way. In the end however she lost the election to Senator Montez and now she and her assistant Gary (Tony Hale) are left to leave the White House after 5 years and go back home.

​Now in season 6 we find Selina Meyer a year after the election and what her life has become. She and Gary are living with Meyer’s daughter Catherine (Sarah Sutherland) and her girlfriend Marjorie (Clea DuVall). The first episode hints that Selina is thinking about once again getting back into politics after her long break of painting over inner-city graffiti and stirring up her plots for revenge. Her plans are the upbringing of the Meyer's Foundation and destroying new congressman Jonah Ryan (Timothy Simons), which will be so creative that they'll have to honor her at the Kennedy Center for it, and we viewers cannot wait to watch.

​As cringing-worthy as it to watch, we all hope to see this disjointed former POTUS back in the White House, regardless though we are excited to see what comes out of this season. Much of us don’t know what former presidents are doing after their time in office, besides writing their tell all books/ autobiographies.

​Veep airs every Sunday on HBO and has been since 2012. It has won two best comedy Emmys and best directing comedy series at this years DGA awards. Also Julia Louis Dreyfus has won outstanding lead actress in comedy series at the Emmys for the last 5 years. Let’s see how far this show can push the envelope of political satire with our current Commander-in-Chief.