UC Berkeley Offers Courses on Memes



A college department that dreams are made of: Memes Studies Department. At UC Berkeley, this new department offers courses such as “aN iNtRoDuCtIoN tO sPoNgEbOb ThEoRy” and “Pepe, Dat Boi, and Kermit: Frogs as a Symbol of Vulnerability.”

The classes will be taught by a professor who goes by the name of Lord Meme. Call me crazy, but I think these sound like my ideal courses already!

Lord Meme told the Daily Californian, “Meme studies is the study of a very specific type of expression. Memes are quickly becoming a foundation upon which adolescents are building their relationships.”

The professor definitely sees the importance of memes in his day and explains, “Memes are the future. I guarantee that within the next decade, memes will be how big corporations do most of their advertising. Memes will determine elections and changes in the economy and the general social and emotional well-being of our youth. Whoever masters 'memery' will master the world.”

The department will officially open in the fall of 2018. Classes we can enjoy and a professor that understands our world? Now that’s something we can get behind!