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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Akron chapter.

While the weather outside may be cold and gray, February is a really exciting month from Black History Month to Valentine’s Day – and those days off school. Her Campus Akron wanted to get in on this excitement with UA’s Most Eligible Bachelor 2020. We asked student organizations across campus, in every field and interest, to nominate their most eligible bachelor! We were looking for single, masculine-identifying undergraduates to represent their student organization, show off their school pride and tell us why they should be crowned UA’s Most Eligible Bachelor!

We will be posting all our candidates’ profiles right here on our page, and we will be posting the candidates’ pics all over our social media, so stay tuned through February 22nd for all our bachelor action. Plus starting Monday, February 24th, everyone will have the chance to cast their vote for their favorite bachelor on our social media! Now without further ado: Carl Fetzer

Her Campus (HC): Hi Carl, what is your major and minor?

Carl: I am majoring in Aerospace Systems Engineering and minoring in Business Essentials for Engineering Majors. 

HC: Who nominated you to be UA’s most eligible bachelor?

Carl: The university’s all male a capella group, Nuance.

HC: What are your post-graduation plans? 

Carl: I would like to either attend graduate school for Aerospace Engineering or work full-time. I would also like to go to Europe for a month, soon after graduation to go sightseeing and hiking. 

HC: Where are you from?

Carl: I am from Seville, Ohio. 

HC: What is your favorite part about UA?

Carl: My favorite part about the University of Akron is all the friends I’ve made over the years. College would be extremely mundane without friends to joke around with.

HC: What are 3 words you would use to describe yourself?

Carl: Musician, engineer and friendly!

HC: What is the first movie you would show your significant other? 

Carl: “The Lord of the Rings”!

HC: What is your favorite song?

Carl: I dislike this question because I like so many genres and there are more appropriate songs depending on the situation. Since it’s winter in Ohio and not sunny, one of my favorite happy songs is “Head Held High” by Kodaline. 

HC: What makes you UA’s Most Eligible Bachelor? 

Carl: Well for one thing, I’m single and I think that’s a pretty big requirement!  I enjoy being active and spending time with friends and family and am looking for a woman that would enjoy those things with me.  Being healthy is important to me and I typically try to eat appropriately, but I’m still down for a Taco Bell run at 1 in the morning.  I like to make people laugh and often use sarcastic humor to lighten the mood. Music is a huge part of my life and if you see me on campus, I’m probably either singing, playing piano, or listening to music. 

Keep up with this bachelor by following Carl on Instagram and learn more about Nuance by checking out their page on RooConnect and following them on Instagram!

I am a sophomore Marketing Management student at The University of Akron. I enjoy studying math and writing articles while kicking back with some friends and coffee.