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Top 4 Ways to Celebrate Galentine’s Day

Galentine’s Day season is here! February 13th was officially Galentine’s Day, and I think we are all in need of a reason to celebrate! Whether you want to make plans on your own or with your closest girlfriends, here are the top 4 ways to celebrate:

  1. Spa Day

A lot of us are at a point in the semester where the first tests and exams are starting, so a spa/self care day is much needed. Spa days for me usually involve doing my nails, a face mask, an exfoliating scrub, or finding something to keep me nice and warm while I catch up with friends and we do some of those things together. Some good places to get self care items without breaking the bank are Dollar Tree, Five Below, and Big Lots! I was surprised when I tried different face masks from these places to find that they are actually good quality, and some of the same brands that sell at Walmart and Target are available here for a discounted price! 

  1. Movie Night

Sometimes unwinding with a movie and some friends is the best way to catch up. My favorite kind of movie nights are the ones when my friends and I get different kinds of frozen appetizers and throw them in the oven or airfryer so we can snack on them while we watch our movie! You can watch a movie you’ve all seen a thousand times if you don’t mind talking through it or pick a new one together if you want to change it up! 

  1. Mocktail Night

Mocktails are so fun to make and they’re a drink that everyone can enjoy! If you are hanging out with friends, each person can make their own signature drink for everyone and find who has the best recipe. This is also a really fun way to add in a charcuterie board if you want to feel like the sophisticated baddie you are!

  1. Write Night

Sometimes you just need an extra boost of self love, especially as the semester gets more challenging. One really nice thing you can do for yourself is to write words of encouragement to yourself! If you have a jar and some paper, you can write little slips that have words of encouragement on them to pull out when you’re having a bad day. This is a great way to show self love and kindness, but if you do it in a group it can be really nice to write notes to each other too! 

Good luck with your semester and happy Galentine’s day! 

My name is Emilee and I'm a junior Environmental Science major. I love learning about nature and geology.
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