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Tips for Organization Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Feeling stuck or stagnant in life or having trouble finding meaning and motivation in your normal routine? We’ve all been there and sometimes some simple, new practices can help us snap back into the swing of a positive pattern again. If you’re looking for some tips and tricks to bring a little more organized spice into your life again, check out these tips below- customized to your Zodiac sign!


Aries are known for being Fiery, Passionate- and yes, hot headed! While these attributes can appear intense, your bold nature is a force to be reckoned with and sometimes all you need is to organize your approach a little more- instead of word vomiting on others. 

Keeping a journal can help an Aries, as it can help to organize your thoughts into a more cohesive format and can help you to process thoughts and feelings before going off on someone. As an Aries, feelings can be intense and sometimes a little interpretation can go a long way. 

Trust me, Aries, we’ve all been there, but taking the time to slow down a little bit and process our feelings can go a long way. 


Taurus is a sign known for all things luxury, so you may want to incorporate some aesthetics into your organizing. Buying some tapestries or cute pens and lamps to spice up your study area can do wonders for you Taurus, as every time you sit somewhere that makes you feel luxurious, you become more comfortable and productive. Utilize this to your benefit, but don’t get carried away with the shopping. There’s affordable decor out there for students from Dollar Tree decor to TJ Maxx- whatever you’re looking for you can find when you seek it out Taurus!


Geminis are known for their creative, and sometimes unpredictable nature, so you might need to stimulate your mind while trying to organize. The detailed to-do lists and journaling with thoughtful prompts may help you to declutter your mind and inspire success for you. Another option for our twin sign is to read a book on organizing your life. This will spark your intellectual side and give you some practical tips, Gemini!


Cancers are known for being emotional and feeling things extremely deeply. Because of this, life can sometimes feel overwhelming to you. One way to combat this is to take note of everything that you have already accomplished, all you should be proud of yourself for, and all that makes you happy. Sit down somewhere that makes you feel at home and write a list of these things to put your mind at ease before facing all your chores. You might be surprised at just how much there is for you to feel comfortable and confident with.


Leos are known for bringing main character energy to the table, but sometimes that table can get a little messy! Since you are the social butterfly, remember that birds of a feather flock together! Talking it out with friends can help you realize solutions you may have overlooked or remind you that you are not alone in life, Leo. Make the most of your social life as you organize your space and your life!


Virgo, when it comes to overthinking, analyzing, and working, you take the cake. If there’s anyone who has all the planners and schedules, it’s you. And while these and the cleaning frenzies can be super helpful in moderation, sometimes you need to relax and do something fun without thinking about it. Get your Serotonin and Dopamine going with an outdoor hike and soak up the fresh air and sunshine, without thinking about all the tasks still on your to-do list. Watch a movie and laugh with some popcorn. Try your hand at different activities without thinking you have to be perfect at them to enjoy them. The more you let go, the more you may realize just how lovely life is, Virgo.


Libras, you are known for carrying the balancing act well, but even you can find yourself in need of some organization from time to time. When you are out of sync with your organizational set up, your whole life feels out of whack which makes it even more important to get a routine working that helps you out. Some exercise might help you feel more at ease with your day or something to get your creative juices flowing, like painting or creative writing. It can help you to get more in tune with your creative rhythm. Don’t get too focused on your schedule that you forget about time for some fun. 


Scorpio, your reputation goes far and wide with your spooky season attributes and dramatic flare. Like some of your fellow signs, you can bring a lot of intensity and while sometimes it’s important to remember that life goes on, other times it’s helpful to not shy away from your dramatic side. Embrace your drama, with extra stickers and slogans and pull a page out of leo’s book, by bringing some main character energy. 


Sagittarius- you are known for being bold, dramatic and communicative, like your fellow fire signs. While this can be a good thing, it can also contribute to you getting carried away with life. Take a moment to sit and savour life and reflect on what goals you may want to work towards. Talk is great, but you may need to plan out your endeavors a little bit, too.


Aquarius is the artsy/loner sign and while this can be great from an artist standpoint, it can be not so great from an organizational standpoint. At times, you may be prone to get lost in your own world, preoccupied with your thoughts and how you see the world. If you’re having trouble stepping back out of your abyss for a moment, venture outside to somewhere busy and people watch for a minute. Seeing other people bustling may not only serve as a reminder of the important to-do’s you need to take care of, but it can also help you find meaning in the more mundane tasks in your life. We all share more of this life than we think, Aquarius!


Pisces is known for being the mystical, emotional, and spiritual sign. If you’re a Pisces, you may also find yourself having some trouble getting your feet back on the ground at times. To work on this, try practicing grounding. One way to do this is to find an area in nature where you can stand barefoot. With the Earth literally beneath your feet, pay attention to how your physical sense of touch feels with the Earth. After you’ve done this, walk around a bit and feel the ground with each step. This can be just the connection you need to find your feet on the ground again, Pisces!

Anna Harrison is an Integrated Marketing Communications and Sales Management major at the University of Akron. She is multi-cultural and is passionate about racial disparities. Harrison has a great love for writing. For hobbies, she enjoys reading and abstract painting.
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