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Roast Reviews: Artisan Coffee

As a lifelong resident of Ellet, it’s only right that my first review be Ellet’s staple coffee shop: Artisan Coffee. When it first opened in October of 2015, everyone in my community flocked to it, welcoming the hip new edition to an otherwise boring neighbourhood. Located at 662 Canton Road, Artisan has kept its business booming with pop up shops from local artists, performances by local musicians and fun seasonal drinks such as the signature Christmas drink, Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins’ (cotton candy on top of coffee!). 


Walking inside feels like a breath of cool air. Decorated with tones of yellow and blue, Artisan has a relaxed yet uplifting feel. The walls are decorated with lots of woodwork and art that is available for purchase, making this shop a great place for art enthusiasts. 

There are many places to sit and enjoy a cup of joe. If you are trying some of their gourmet foods, you may choose to sit in the front of the store where tables are decorated with their cute centerpieces, mason jars filled with flowers. When there aren’t performances, you can also kick back in one of the comfy chairs on the stage. This is a great place to read a book because the large windows let in a lot of natural light. In the winter time you can lounge on the couches by the fireplace and warm up after being exposed to Akron’s bitter cold weather. If you have kids, take your mug to the back and refuel while your little one enjoys the play section. 

Perhaps my favorite detail of the shop is the board game selection. If you bring in an old board game, you receive a free drink. Grab some friends and try out the game “Loaded Questions.” You’ll be rolling on the floor by the second round!


A couple years ago, I was looking for a new job and went to Artisan to apply. I talked to an employee named “Happy” and he informed me that barista experience was required for the job. At the time, I didn’t have any. However, after that, Happy remembered me and consistently remembered to ask me about my job search. Once I got a job, he would ask me how it was going. Personally, I think that employees make or break companies. The people at Artisan are friendly and upbeat. They seem to enjoy their jobs and genuinely care about customers. 


The drink menu is divided into 4 sections: brewed, espresso bar, specialty drinks, and other drinks. Artisan brewed coffee is organic and fair trade. If you fall in love with a certain roast, bags are available for purchase. Artisan also makes their own syrups and has several unique drinks such as the French Toast latte, Almond Joy mocha, and my personal favorite— the Lavender Latte. If coffee isn’t for you, there are many other options. You can never go wrong with a hot apple cider topped with whipped cream and caramel! And if you need a pick me up, the vanilla matcha is a sweet treat that still offers a kick of plenty caffeine. 

Next time you need a relaxing study spot or a place to catch up with friends, head over to Artisan. Calming atmosphere, friendly staff and delicious drinks make this shop a must stop for Akron’s coffee lovers. 

Sophie is a Senior education major at the University of Akron. She is passionate about animal, women's, and lgbtq+ rights. She has lived in Akron her whole life and one day wants to teach middle school somewhere warm. In her free time she likes to listen to rock music, workout and drink coffee
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