Reasons Why You Should Binge Watch Netflix

You might think watching Netflix is entertaining or an overall waste of time; however, it can help you out a lot in your everyday life. Here are some reasons why binge watching Netflix can help you out in the future.


1. Makes the awkward situations not so awkward:

Let’s say the unspeakable happens.. Yes I’m talking about your phone dying in public. I know you’re scared, but now you have to talk to people, like actually socialize. You talked about the weather already, told each other about your pets.. Now what? This gives you the perfect opportunity to talk about all the Netflix you’ve been watching, and since you’ve seen so many shows, you always have at least one in common with someone else.


2. Family functions are a piece of cake:

“Hey Uncle David, have you seen Breaking Bad yet?... It’s the best show I’ve seen so far.”

If he’s seen the show, now you have something to talk about. If he hasn’t, now you can take a break from playing charades and go watch some episodes.. You’re welcome.


3. Now you don’t have to do school work:

I mean, sure if you want you can pull out your chemistry book and work on tomorrow’s lab. However, I think you’ll be way more happy if you watch 15 episodes of The Office in a row.


4. The day will go by SO much faster:

Is it a saturday night? Maybe you have something really fun planned and you’re so excited for it that you couldn’t sleep and woke up at 6 a.m. ready to go. Binge watch a season of Gossip Girl and then your whole day just flew by. Genius.. I know.


5. You and your significant other have something to do together:

One year into your relationship and you’ll know who Gossip Girl is, you’ll see all the intense surgeries in Grey’s Anatomy, all the drama in One Tree Hill and of course all of the inside jokes in Friends...Dating just became a whole lot better.

Make yourself some pizza rolls, put on your favorite sweatpants and enjoy a day of binge watching Netflix. Trust me: you deserve it.