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Ohio Check: Apple Cider Has a Chance at Becoming Our New State Drink

This is no TikTok, despite the reference; we are talking real business. Everyone loves apple cider, especially when fall comes around. You can get it hot or cold. Starbucks makes a bomb Caramel Apple Spice that tastes just like apple pie, and your local apple orchards commonly have apple cider donuts. This beloved drink is a staple in Ohio, especially because of all the orchards we have. So tell me why tomato juice is our current official state drink. (Because it correlated with a tomato festival in the ‘60s.)

WKSU recently explained how State Representative Tavia Galonski wants to change our official state beverage to apple cider. Galonski believes this is a beautiful idea because of Ohio’s apple orchards continued growth and their longstanding ties to Ohio families. I think this is a great idea, and definitely makes more sense than tomato juice! To show your interest, just tell Galonski, our local State Rep. from Akron. All that’s left to be done is bringing together an interested group of people to decide whether or not this bill is a good idea. 

I am a junior Environmental Science and Anthropology double-major at The University of Akron. I love science, Starbucks, writing, and hanging out with my friends and my dogs. I also love music and am apart of The University of Akron’s marching band.
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