The New Sabrina Remake is Hitting Netflix in October and the Internet is Freaking Out

The trailer for the new Netflix series The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is everything we could have wanted and so much more. Seriously. You do not want to sleep on this remake!

Truth be told, I am the person who when I first heard about the series being developed thought, “You know what? I might skip that.” I never really got into the original T.V. show, so why would I watch the remake?

And then I realized the comics were free on prime reading, so I read all of them. I casually watched the new trailer, and my hype meter for this Netflix series went from 0 to 100 really fast. It is being released at the perfect time. It will be out right before Halloween on October 26th, and that trailer will make anyone want to watch this show.

Having some insight into the series—having read the comics myself—I can easily tell you that the trailer perfectly embodies the skeleton of the plot, if you will. It gives you a rough outline and a glimpse into the amazing series that I am going to want to watch immediately. Just like in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comic book series, the story starts off with the sixteenth birthday of Sabrina. This means that she needs to sign her name in Satan’s book and become fully committed to the dark arts. However, this doesn’t go exactly as planned since she goes to high school and has friends. She even has a boyfriend who doesn’t know about any of this. You can probably see how her having an actual life sort of complicates things, and thus the story takes off from there!

The trailer for the show really does give you a glimpse into the heart and soul of this incredibly dark tale. There is such a vivid and dark opening to the trailer with the flashes of all of the occult symbols, like the Ouija board and the full moon. It then transitions into the birthday of Sabrina and we can see how she ends up torn over the course of the show between her normal high school life and the occult life she has grown up with and has at home. She is serving Satan as a witch whilst also wanting to have a life of her own. It's a fascinating inner conflict that I think will be incredibly central to the show and will be able to convey this turmoil she faces between what her family expects of her and what she really wants.

This show will be very dark, often having creepy and horrific elements thrown into it between the normalization of her high school life and the balance between being a witch and also being a sixteen-year-old girl who wants to have friends and fall in love. This is definitely going to be the perfect show to binge this Halloween, and if you’re anything like me, then you have already started counting down the days until the show drops on Netflix. It is definitely going to be a good one.