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Recently, for some unknown reason, Netflix thought it was a great idea to take One Tree Hill off its site. Yes you read that correctly: they actually went through with the idea of removing such an amazing TV show from it’s library. When I first heard the news I thought it was a joke and that they’d never do such a thing, but then I heard they were leaving it and then removing it all within the same week.  All I could think of is “holy sh*t, I need to binge watch the whole show by then.”  You see, I was almost finished watching all the seasons for the first time.

Go ahead: gasp and freak out that it’s taken me this long to watch the show, but in my defense, until I started watching the show I wasn’t into the whole romance thing.  I thought it was stupid and that it could never happen so what’s the point of watching anything like it.  But now I’m totally here for it; the show makes me want a relationship like Hayley and Nathan’s, and if I’m being honest I relate to Brooke and Peyton way more than I thought I would.  

But still, I got extremely attached to these characters much more than I thought that I ever would.  For example, when Q died I cried so hard and I didn’t think that I would; or that episode with the school shooting and Keith died you better believe I sat there with a box of tissues crying my eyes out.  

Obviously, Twitter was full of tweets about the cancellation. One Tree Hill’s Chad Michael Murray himself made a tweet about it while managing to channel his inner Lucas Scott:

Honestly, it seems like this was a poor move on Netflix’s part because who wouldn’t want to sit and be able to binge watch such an iconic show whenever they please? It brings out happiness and sadness, and even turned me into a little bit of a hopeless romantic.  OTH will most definitely be missed while it’s not in the Netflix library anymore.  

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