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I Watched the First Episode so You Don’t Have to: ABC’s “Listen to Your Heart”

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Akron chapter.

As millions of people across the world stay home in the fight against COVID-19, easily accessible entertainment is booming. Apps like TikTok and Instagram are growing even more in popularity, if that was even possible. It seems like a new challenge is out every day. Streaming services and cable television are also experiencing an increase in viewership, obviously. How we consume media is changing too with Netflix watch parties, Instagram live concerts and theater-to-home movies. 

One thing that will never truly change, however, is “The Bachelor.” A monolith of programming in its own right, the Bachelor franchise spans from “The Bachelor” flagship to “The Bachelorette,” “Bachelor in Paradise” and the newest contender, “Listen to Your Heart.” When this show was initially announced, it was mocked on the internet with references to the infamous Jed Wyatt from Hannah Brown’s season, who had come on to boost his music career. However, the tides have turned with the COVID-19 pandemic as people are tuning in and memes about watching the show are going viral, despite the internet’s prior roast session. 

As a “Bachelor” fan and a reality dating show fan, I was always going to watch “Listen to Your Heart,” although I have to say I did not expect to enjoy it so much. Dare I say it… watching hot, single, talented singers, songwriters and musicians from across the country who are supposedly ready for love fall in love dramatically may be just what America needs. The premise of this bootleg A Star Is Born is that 20 single and attractive musicians who are probably going to utilize their middling fame to boost their influencer careers are brought together to see if they can fall in love—plus music. With dates surrounding music and performances, cocktail parties with someone playing piano and everyone singing show tunes and a John Mayer look alike, it’s everything you know and love about hanging out with theater kids but from the comfort of your home. 

While I do want you to watch and appreciate the magic of yourself, I will leave you with a quick spoiler-free summary. First, the sexy singles all meet. There are 8 women and 12 men, and if you can do quick math as a longtime viewer of the “Bachelor” (Chris Bukowski, if you will), you know what’s about to happen. If you guessed that Chris Harrison would show up with some roses you’re right. If you confused Chris Harrison with Chris Hansen then you’re contestant Matt, co-leader of “Brother Stone & The Get Down” and owner of an impressive faux hawk who managed to have a girl scream at him in the first episode. 

For the rest of the episode, the 12 desperate men swan around serenading their way into the arms of the 8 lucky ladies. There’s a date to a private Plain White T’s concert;  a date to Capitol Records to record a cover of “Gravity” by John Mayer; people singing around a piano; and there’s even hot tub action! It’s everything you didn’t think you wanted and more. As per usual, “The Bachelor” made the interesting choice to combine both very young adults (Jamie is 21) and grown adults (Brandon is 34), as well as people “ready for love” and people just “ready to yell about drama.” As you would’ve guessed, the episode wraps up with 8 new “couples” with varying chances of staying happy as the season continues based on the previews. So if this show sounds like your cup of tea, check it on ABC at 8 pm on Monday nights. If this show doesn’t sound like you, check it out on Hulu the next day.

Emily Janikowski, otherwise known as Em, can be found usually lurking in the depths of the Polsky building as a writing tutor, and when she isn't there, she is curled up in bed binge watching Law & Order SVU. Her passion lies in changing the world, and she hopes to accomplish this through majoring in social work.
Madeline Myers is a 2020 graduate of the University of Akron. She has a B.A. English with a minor in Creative Writing. At Her Campus, Madeline enjoys writing movie and TV reviews. Her personal essay “Living Room Saloon” is published in the 2019 issue of The Ashbelt. Madeline grew up in Zanesville, Ohio. She loves quoting comedians, reading James Baldwin, and sipping on grape soda. She fears a future run by robots but looks forward to the day when her stories are read by those outside of her immediate family.