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Recently on tiktok, I found out that Revolution Beauty is collaborating with Shrek and calling it an I Heart revolution x Shrek makeup collection.  All of the main characters have makeup products available for purchase. The products are at an affordable price along with being cruelty free and vegan! 

Shrek, Donkey, Princess Fiona, Puss in Boots, Lord Faarquad, and the Fairy Godmother have eyeshadow pallets.  Dragon, Donkey, Shrek, and Gingy have lip products.  The Fairy Godmother has a magic wand brush set, Gingy has a highlighter, and there is a magic mirror.  Shrek also has a makeup headband and clay mask.  To be able to put your makeup into one place, they have a Happily Ever After makeup bag where the design shows all of the main characters.  It can be bought for $18.00.  

My two favorites are the Donkey lipstick which shows a brown lipstick with a slightly red tint to it and the Puss in Boots eyeshadow which has the colors of peach, orange, a reddish orange, maroon, silverish beige, pink, red and gold. They also have a P carved into each of the eyeshadow colors to reference the scene where he carves the letter P with his sword on a tree. 

I thought the two most interesting products from the list are the Fiona eyeshadow palette that shows her as human and as an ogre and her lip balm that gives you a color according to your pH.  Depending on the way you tilt the eye shadow case, it will show the ogre version or the human version of her.  

I love how creative they got when it came to using references from the movies.  For example, on the eye shadow palettes they have a word or phrase that describes the character.  The Fairy Godmother’s words say happiness, tear drop, hero, prince charming, potion, tavern, wand and bubble under each of the colors that the scene represents.  

As of right now the products that have five stars are the Shrek shadow palette, The By Night One Way by Day Another Shadow palette, The Donkey Lipstick, The Gingy Highlighter, The Happily Ever After Makeup Bag and The Transformation lip balm.  

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