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I Gave Up Instagram for a Month and Here’s How It Went

I enjoy using Instagram mostly because it’s a way for me to discover new places that I should try out, to look at memes and to see how my friends and family are doing.  

During winter break, I decided to limit my time on social media and decided that I want to give up Instagram for a month so I can focus on doing worthwhile activities. 

For me, Instagram is very distracting so I sometimes end up disabling it then coming back about a month later.  I feel like I need it at the moment because it’s super convenient to use to see college events and giveaways.  So disabling it during winter break worked out, as nothing would be going on with school. 

During school breaks, I always write a list of productive things I can do. This time, I was able to get a lot of writing done and even finished a book I had been working on for a while. I also read five books that I got from the library, learned a lot more Spanish than I knew before, along with spending my time working a seasonal job.   

Overall, giving up Instagram for a month wasn’t bad at all, especially since I spent a decent amount of my time at work to keep myself occupied.

Cheyenne is a Sophomore attending the University of Akron with a major of Dietetics & Nutrition along with having a minor in English. Activities she enjoys doing is going to the mall, hanging out with friends and traveling.
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