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How To Get The Perfect Candid

Welcome to the best tutorial you will ever read on the internet; how to get the perfect candid! I’m going to give you a little insight on how us females can master candids and all the steps it takes to get the perfect picture.


1. Find a Photographer

When you’re choosing a photographer, ask them to continue pressing the camera button and tell them not to let go until you say the word, “stop.” You’ll thank me for this later.


2. Strike a Pose

Start with a basic pose, like a peace sign. Keep it simple.


3. Hold the Pose

Work it! Keep striking that pose. If the photographer holds down the camera button, you’ll find that perfect picture somewhere in the bunch.


4. Look Through Your Pictures

If you’ve followed these steps so far, you should have at least 60 to chose from. Go through and decide which one could be instagram worthy. You might even have more than a few contenders.


5. Find the PERFECT Filter

A little editing and the perfect filter choice can go a long way!


6. Post the Photo!

Post your favorite and watch the likes roll in. And the best part about this process? You have a couple photos you can post later on as well!

There you have it! Six easy steps for catching that perfect candid moment. Believe in yourself and have fun with it!

Arden Palmquist is a Senior at The University of Akron majoring in Public Relations. She enjoys blogging and posting on her Instagram.
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