Halsey Breaks the Internet While Hosting & Performing on SNL

On Saturday, February 9th, famous pop-singer, Halsey, hosted and performed on Saturday Night Live. As a fan of Halsey for years, I just had to be the one who discussed her time on the show.

I’ve never imagined Halsey as an actress but man, was I proven wrong. The singer opened up the show with her New Jersey accent and sharing her excitement for being on the show.

And as much as I would love to sit here and give a play by play of everything she did in the show—because why would nobody want that information?—I want to highlight her performances and how she broke from normality with both songs performed.

The first song was an acoustic version of her Top 40 hit, “Without Me.” Halsey sat on a stool and sang her story. Just when you think her emotions couldn’t become any clearer as she sings, the background reads what ex-boyfriend, G-Eazy, said to her.

“Ashley, I cheated,” along with the places he cheated on her at. It was a bold move, one that was even empowering. Exposing her ex and his lies to millions? That was brave and she knew it.

But that wasn’t the only exciting piece she delivered on the show. Her second performance was both creative and upbeat.

She performed “Eastside” while painting. Within an entire three-minute song, she had to complete a self-portrait. The focus on her art skills along with her vocal skills showcased multi-tasking at an entirely new level.

Saturday Night Live made a great decision by letting Halsey not only perform, but also host.


Check out two of her performances below: