Ed Westwick Accused of Sexual Assault



The man of every Gossip Girl fan’s dreams may have fallen from his pedestal. Ed Westwick, best known for his role as Chuck Bass on the CW hit series, is now yet another star accused of inappropriate and sexual behavior without consent.

Actress Kristina Cohen took to Facebook to accuse Westwick of raping her three years ago. Cohen said she was dating a producer, who was friends with Westwick at the time, and was at Westwick’s house with a group of people. Westwick suggested that they all have sex together, making the situation very uncomfortable. The producer, however, didn't want to leave right away and risk making Westwick feel uncomfortable, so the group stayed. When Cohen said she was tired, she was told she could go nap in a guest room. Expecting only to rest for around 20 minutes, until they could leave comfortably, she laid down and fell asleep.

Cohen awoke to Westwick on top of her, his fingers already inside her. Cohen told Westwick to stop, but he refused. He raped her.

The horrifying story doesn't end there. Cohen told her producer boyfriend that Westwick had raped her, but he suggested that she was an active participant. He told her that Westwick would destroy her, ruining her chances at an acting career. Sadly, Cohen believed him.

In the wake of Cohen's allegation, police have begun an investigation. The only public response Westwick has release is a tweet that reads: “I do not know this woman. I have never forced myself in any manner, on any woman. I certainly have never committed rape.”

As much as we love Westwick and his beautiful jawline, we simply cannot forgive or overlook sexual assault. 

Moving forward, the new wave of people coming forward about their experiences with sexual assault and harassment is extremely encouraging. The #MeToo trend makes me proud to be a woman, just like all of the incredibly brave and strong women coming forward about the traumatizing events they have been through.

Here’s to ending the issue of sexual assault altogether!