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College Fashion: Fall Outfits for Everyone

As girls, we probably face one of the hardest decisions every morning… “What to wear, what to wear?”

Summer is coming to an end which means fall is just around the corner! Personally, fall is my favorite season when it comes to fashion. There is just so much you can do! You can wear layers and layers and still make it look chic. You can be stylish and comfortable at the same time. Oh and of course, who can forget about oversized sweaters?

As a college student we are stressed and hungry all of the time, so maybe choosing the perfect outfit every morning is time that we simply do not have. Here are a couple tips on what to wear so that you can look good on any occasion. 


Comfy and Chic?

When we want comfort, we think of leggings. You can do anything with a good pair of leggings! If you pair them with an oversized sweater, you’ll have the perfect comfy look. If you want to be both comfy and chic, simply throw on an infinity scarf and some booties and you have yourself a stylish outfit. For an extra spark, you can layer it with a nice thin jacket. Remember that more layers = more fun.




Girly + Comfy = Possible

If you are a girly girl like me, you probably want to incorporate skirts or dresses into your wardrobe as much as possible. Some may say that skirts, dresses and shorts are only meant for the summer, but they are mistaken. 

Naysayers, I introduce you to tights. You can never go wrong with a simple solid colored dress with tights underneath paired with a cute cardigan and/or a scarf. A skater skirt also looks great with tights and tall boots. Don’t be afraid to try new things like shorts and tights, you never know what works until you give it a shot. 


Jeans? Jeans.

Jeans aren’t exactly the most comfortable, but they are the ultimate essential. You can wear jeans and a hoodie with some converse, or jeans with a sweater and some boots, or jeans with a t-shirt and a cardigan, or jeans with uggs and a long sleeve with a jacket; the possibilities are endless! 

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