Christmas Songs To Get You In The Holiday Mood

If you haven’t noticed, Christmas is right around the corner!

We’ve all been busy with finals and ending the semester, but it’s finally time to relax and get in a Christmassy mood. To prepare for it every year, I play my holiday playlist on Spotify. Here are some of my favorite songs I like to bake, wrap and dance to in December:


1. Basically every song off “Christmas” by Michael Bublé

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If you’re familiar with his voice, you know it’s heavenly. I have this album on CD and every year Iove to pop it in my car. I could listen to it once a day honestly.


2. “Shake up Christmas - Xmas Anthem” by Train

This song was on a Coke commercial in 2010, when Santa took a snow globe that had the world inside of it and shoke things up to make things better. This song just puts me in a better mood for the holiday and reminds me what the holiday is really about.

Image result for shake up the happiness coca cola commercial


3. “A Pentatonix Christmas” by Pentatonix

If you haven’t listened to this acapella group yet, you’re missing out. They’re so talented and they’re getting more popular each year. This amazing album is definitely one I listen to all month long. Image result for pentatonix christmas album 2016  

4. “Snow in California” by Ariana Grande

Are you missing someone this year? You could relate to this slow jam by Ariana. She has a few other Christmas covers that you should check out as well because well, her voice is incredible! Image result for ariana grande christmas



5. “Oh Santa!” by Mariah Carey

This song makes me want to dance every time I hear it! It’s been out for a pretty long time but I’m not sure why it’s never on the radio in December, her vocal range in the song is incredible. The music video is pretty cute too. Related image



6. “The Christmas Song” by Justin Bieber and Usher

In his younger days, Justin released a Christmas album incase you forgot. On this track, his buddy Usher sings along with him. Both their voices on one song is almost too much to handle.  Image result for the christmas song justin bieber


7. “Last Christmas” by Wham!

It’s so sad to say that literally last Christmas, (December 25th, 2016), was George Michael’s last Christmas as he died tragically at the age of 53. This will always be my favorite Christmas song but I do get a little sad when I think about how he passed away last year. I think to honor him we should all listen to this song on loop. 

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