Celebrating Galentine's Day

Who needs a valentine when you have your gals? Instead of only focusing on your significant other this year, take a moment to love the ones who support you and love you always. Our girlfriends are the best support system we could ask for, am I right or am I right?

When celebrating your gals, how do you show them you truly appreciate them?


A Brunch Out With Your Besties

Brunch is always the best time of the day, especially when you’re with your girls. What sounds more fun than getting up together, dressing up (or dressing down, groutfit themed parties are all the rage right now), making the prettiest brunch food, drinking orange juice, and taking pictures to boost your aesthetic theme on your Instagram? You can have a theme, decorate like crazy, or even crawl back into bed and chow down while binging on netflix.


Make Valentines Cards Together

Bring out your inner 4th grade self and get down to some crafting! You can host a valentine's day party and give everyone customizable valentines. Or if you’re in the giving back spirit, make cards for your local shelters and hospitals and bring some people in your community some cheer!  


Treat Yo Self

If you’re like me, you live by the motto “treat yo self.” It’s literally your golden rule. Spend the day of love by loving yourself and go out and treat yourself. Saw a shirt you liked last week? Go back and buy it. Want to get a manicure? GET THE MANICURE. Whatever makes you feel happy, treat yo self.


Secret Valentine

It’s a lot like Secret Santa, except with Valentine’s Day gifts! Get a group of your gal’s together and draw names out of a jar. Buy them their favorite type of candy, make them a card, buy them flowers! Then, hold an exchange get together where you find out who was your valentine and watch the valentine you drew receive her small gifts!  

So, how are you going to spend your Galentine’s Day this year?