Bras That Help Your Back Pain

There are thousands of different kinds of bras to go with all the different kinds of women who wear them, but when we think about it, how much do we really know about our bras?

I can tell you guys that before I got fitted at a local lingerie store in Akron (and by that I mean Victoria Secret), I had no idea I was wearing the wrong bra size for years. The employee helping me at the Summit Mall Victoria Secret, Laura, told me that what I was experiencing was actually a pretty common thing. Girls shop online and in-person buying bras that they have no idea are too small, or the wrong fit in general. The wrong fit comes with complications like bad posture, back pain, and pinched nerves. 

I jumped online for guidance and with the help of The Bra Guide, a blog on bras, this is a huge pain in the back for a lot of people like me. The experts at Bra Guide say that the pain in your back could all be fixed with the right bra. They have what is called “Posture Bras,” which are bras that help out with this painful back problem 

“Every single one of us is different and has different needs. This is why our goal is to curate the best bras for your shape, with an emphasis on extended sizes,” said editor-in-chief of Bra Guide, Kate Brooks.

This is the "Glamorise" bra, which is considered the perfect posture bra. Is it sexy? Maybe not, but if you don’t have romantic plans for the weekend you should check this out. Prices for these bras vary from $15-50. This bra has five hooks in the front that prevents you from sludging over during your hour long lecture or sitting at a desk for hours writing papers.

The characteristics that you need to know when finding a good “posture bra” are:

  • Separated Cups:

You can see the bra on the left squishes your boobs together to create a big unibook. The uniboob move isn’t supportive or flattering. Be careful if you put on a bra and you feel the squish; it could lead to back pain. If you want full support you must find a bra that separates your cups so that there is a fine balance.


  • Higher Racerback Bras:

The cross design in the higher up racerback bras, like the one shown here, relieves tension in your upper back and gives you a push to sit up more straight. Bras that come below the shoulder, like the own of the left, like most bras brings that strain on. The cross helps bring more pull from each side and also gives you that nice balance.

But these bras aren’t typically the kind of bras you’d wear out on a Friday night. So how do we know what bras to wear in everyday life? Well, the answer is up to your body type and style. If you’re looking for common bras that will still support your back check out this article by Bustle, a blog for women by women. On their website give advice from the VP of E-Commerce Marketing at Brayola, Hillary Settle.

Here are a some tips from Hillary Settle:

"The band of your bra provides most of the support, so if you’re wearing the wrong band size, you may experience pressure on your shoulders."



"Most brands and stores may not carry bras in bigger sizes, and if they do, it’s very likely that it’s hideous. At Brayola, we’re trying to build the world’s biggest bra shop that also uses crowdsourced data to help women of all sizes match with the best fitting bras across styles and brands."

Here is a bra for all sizes called:

  • Dominique The Talia Everyday Bra and it goes up to size 42 F. With it’s wide straps, frontal closure, separated cups, and racerback it will make you feel supportive and sexy. This bra is $30.  

There is a bra for every woman, but this doesn't mean you have to torture yourself to be pretty. Take the pain out of your back and check out these bras brought to you by women who care.