The Best Movies for Your Halloween Binge

Okay, so you’re stuck handing out candy on Halloween instead of dressing up in your very thought out and elaborate costume. What do you do now? Don’t fret! Here are some of the best Halloween movies that will keep you entertained and scared while passing out candy. So go grab some hot apple cider and a spooky blanket. Set out the candy bowl with a sign that says, “please take one” and snuggle up on your couch. Let’s start the marathon!

  1. 1. The "Scream" Triology

    So it would be almost impossible for me to omit these ICONIC movies. Created by the talented Wes Craven, these movies offer you a good laugh as well as a good scare. Each movie is supposed to be a satire of the traditional thrasher film with plot twists and comedic one liners. These are great flicks to get you into the Halloween mood!

  2. 2. "The Exorcist"

    Okay, so this is a classic. Yeah it may ont be as scary as it was back in its day, but it's definitely worth watching! This movie is based off of the novel written by William Blattly and as all of us bookworms will love to hear, Blattly was also very involved in the making of the movie! He even wrote the screenplay.  I'd like to add that it's definitely just as good of a read as it is a watch.  

  3. 3. "Hocus Pocus"

    Naturally, this has to be on the list. Here is a little something for those folks who are not keen on feeling scared. There is not much to say about this movie because everyone has seen this

    movie—unless you live under a rock. I mean come on, it aired 31 times on FreeForm’s "31 nights of Halloween."

  4. 4. "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"

    If you’re into the bizarre experience of Brad and Janet or if you are just curious because of HC Akron's IG 'week of Rocky Horror,' this is your movie. This is another must-see cult classic. And if you watch the movie and still want more, be sure to experience it live at a local show! It is definitely worth it!

  5. 5. "Halloween" Franchise

    These movies, much like the others, are a no brainer. These fan favorites are the highlight of my Halloween nights. As someone who enjoys staying in and watching Halloween movies instead of going out, watching these movies has been my tradition since I was young. Jamie Lee Curtis absolutely KILLS IT in all of them. (I mean come on, we love a little girl power.) From the original that hit theaters in 1978 all the way to the 2018 release, all of them are must sees! Also keep an eye out—there are rumors that two more movies coming out in 2020 and 2022!!