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“Are You Dating Anyone?” And Other Awkward Family Reunion Questions

The holiday seasons are great. Why? Because of the food and the family reunions you have. But what’s not great is the small talk that forms at these reunions. Seriously though, how many of you feel personally victimized from holiday small talk? I’m on the same exact page as you.

It’s always the same questions, “You dating anyone?” or “How are classes going?” or “You’re cute, why hasn’t anyone snatched you up yet?” Questions along those lines that make you cringe because the answer is just going to suck coming out.

But the real question is, how do we avoid these type of questions? In all honesty, we can’t. For some reasons our grandparents and aunts just love that type of gossip and feel important if they know your love life and your GPA down to a T.

However, we can respond in a way that doesn’t lead to any other awkward questions. So let’s start with the basics. The worst of them all, “So, are you dating anyone?” Instead of throwing yourself a pity party because you’re single and you feel like you’ll be single until you’re in your grave, flash a confident smile and simply reply with, “No. I’m not looking for a relationship. My school work is more important to me.” Because technically, we came to college to get a degree within our majors, not to get a degree in marriage.

Next question we hate answer is the one that honestly probably makes us hate our lives the most, “How are classes going?” And if you’re like me, classes are just average. You’re not doing great to where you can brag, but you’re also not failing, which is a major plus! Just flash a confident smile and reply with, “They’re going okay, but I’m really excited for my classes next semester, this is what I’m taking,” and talk about what you’re doing next semester so you don’t have to focus on this semester.

Easy, right? All you really need to do is show up confident and be sneaky to change the subject. You’ll be a master in no time.

Arden Palmquist is a Senior at The University of Akron majoring in Public Relations. She enjoys blogging and posting on her Instagram.
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