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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Akron chapter.

As spirituality grew on TikTok, I too became fascinated with learning about this newly found topic. Growing up, I was surrounded by Catholicism but had never truly felt like anything was truthful or made any sense. Of course I was also a kid, but even now, it doesn’t feel right for me. However, having something to believe in is important for everyone, so I do not intend to offend anyone. When I started seeing crystals all over my For You page, I instantly fell in love and was interacting with these videos, causing more and more to pop-up. I’m also a Geology major, so the sole fact that they were rocks was what originally caught my attention. As the videos filled my TikTok, I learned that there’s different meanings assigned to the rocks that can come from different cultures and religions, spanning from Asian to even Egyptian backgrounds. Spirituality is different from religion from an anthropological standpoint because spirituality can be applied to the inner workings of religion, or can be practiced alone and in however best suits your life. Crystals, to me, are a way of connecting yourself with the world around you. If you don’t believe crystals could have these properties, or stuff like we’re made out of stardust and everything is connected, that’s okay. You could simply like them or believe that just having that object with you will trick yourself into believing that you’re attracting whatever may be designated to the crystal you’re carrying.

  1. Selenite

This crystal appears white due to its multifaceted translucent layers. It is commonly sold as beads on jewelry or will be rectangular when sold raw. You can also find selenite plates, towers, and wands. Selenite is formed from evaporated waters that were rich in sodium and calcium, leaving behind this mineral. It is called selenite because the trace-element found in this mineral is selenium, but it is also related to Selene, Greek Goddess of the Moon. This crystal is used as protection, balance, and clarity. Personally, I keep selenite in my car to promote safe travels and positivity within those who are with me. I also have it on a bracelet that I wear often.

  1. Carnelian

Carnelian is commonly sold as a tumbled stone or in jewelry and is a red-orange color. It is popularly known for promoting creativity, individuality, and confidence. Carnelian is a form of chalcedony (in quartz family) that is high in iron, providing the red hues and the basis for it’s name coming from the Latin word ‘carnis’ or flesh. Carnelian is included on the selenite bracelet I have, combined with a few other crystals as well. For me, this gives me peace of mind when I don’t feel one-hundred percent.

  1. Purple Amethyst

Purple amethyst is very well known. You can find it in tumbled stones, on jewelry, or even as a geode. Amethyst is used for stress relief and overall balances mood. Because this is also a form of quartz, it is rich in silicon dioxide. However, this crystal forms in the pores of volcanic rock when it’s compound enters the rock with water. I have many forms of amethyst, including geodes, tumbled stones, and is also included on my selenite bracelet. Having amethyst on me helps remain calm and remember that everything will work out by the end of the day.

  1. Green Calcite

Calcite comes in many different colors of the rainbow. It can be commonly found on jewelry and as tumbled stones. Green calcite, specifically, encourages self forgiveness and boosts overall compassion. This would be great to keep with you for when you don’t feel up-to-par or when you’re doubting yourself about something you messed up on. This mineral is formed from calcium carbonate and makes up the majority of marble and limestone we have. This, too, is included on my selenite bracelet and I also have a small raw chunk. I like to have green calcite around to help maintain a good mindset about myself. 

  1. Ocean Jasper

Ocean jasper, or sea jasper, is a dark green stone marbled with a salmon pink color, among smaller orbs of different colors. This crystal is commonly found as tumbled stones or as points. Ocean jasper encourages patience and helps cope with change. Our world is ever-changing, so this makes a perfect everyday crystal. It is made from lava cooling in deep water over a long period of time. I have a few small tumbled stones, which helped especially during the pandemic with everything changing constantly and rapidly. 
If you’re trying out crystals, I hope this helped! I highly recommend searching for local metaphysical/crystal shops instead of buying online. I also know there are tons of Etsy shops if you don’t have any local places. Remember: it’s all about your intentions and beliefs, not others.

I am a senior Environmental Science and Anthropology double-major at The University of Akron. I love science, Starbucks, writing, and hanging out with my friends and my dogs. I also love music and am apart of The University of Akron’s marching band.