8 Things You Can Look Forward To In March

Spring is right around the corner! Get ready to say goodbye to the winter blues and hello to a season of happiness!


1. Spring Cleaning

Finally you can clear all the clutter in your room, your closet, and in those junk drawers because with spring comes an excuse to clean and organize your entire life again!


2. March Madness

What do college kids love more than free stuff? Cheering on their favorite schools! March Madness is finally going to arrive, so get in the spirit and get ready to yell!


3. Floral Everywhere

Enough said.


4. New DIY decorations

With a new season comes new DIY projects. Pinterest is already bubbling over with new projects to decorate your place for spring! From flowers, to pastels, or eggs for Easter, March brings us a chance to redecorate in style.


5. Spring Colors

We all have those super cute outfits hiding in the back of our closets because, let’s face it, the time just isn’t right. Well lucky for us, March brings with it the spring season and an excuse to finally take those adorable peach dresses out from the back and wear them on display with a big smile on your face!


7. Spring Break

Whether you’re taking a trip or not, having a whole week to relax and take a break from school work (or get ahead if you’re anything like me) sounds like music to my ears.


7. Halfway Through The Semester

Sure, midterms suck. But also, with midterms comes the halfway point of the semester! Once March hits, it’s a great reminder that you are almost done for the spring with summer looming right around the corner.


8. A New Month


So maybe February hasn’t been the month for you. Too much homework that you feel like you’ve never caught up on, you haven’t been eating and sleeping the healthiest, you haven’t watched enough Netflix for your liking lately - whatever the issue. Sometimes instead of bad days, we just have really rough months, and that’s totally okay! Just remember that with each rough patch comes a chance for something better. Take March as your time to start fresh. Give yourself a clean slate and remember, you’re almost done for the year!