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Sweet home Alabama, a state that far in the south of America and a place many pass by because there isn’t anything to do. Well there are things to do if you like the outdoors and cities to explore if you aren’t.

Naccalula Falls Park

Coming in at number one is the Naccalula Falls Park. Not only do you get to see a 90-foot waterfall, but beside it is a 9-foot statue of Naccalula. Legend has it that Naccalula was a girl being forced to marry a wealthy cheif that her father chose for her. She decided to instead to jump down the water fall on her wedding day. This legend is what gave the waterfall its name. 

Cheaha State Park

At number two we have the Cheaha State Park. Containing the highest point of Alabama, at 2,413 feet, is the Cheaha mountain. This park is a beautiful place to go hiking, biking, and even driving. If you want an outdoor wedding venue, this park is a place to consider.

Orange Beach

Orange beach the resort city at Alabama’s gulf coast border with Florida. Ah yes, the beach, a place to tan, swim, play volleyball, and dig holes in the sand. This beach is visited by thousands of people and it being at the gulf, many come to spot dolphins that frequently pass by. 


Now lets get out of the sand and go into the city, the city Mobile. Mobile is Alabama’s only saltwater port city and is the third largest city in Alabama. In February the city, sets up the oldest organized carnival, a tradition dating back to the 1700s. In early spring the place is covered in blooming azaleas.

Little River Canyon National Preserve

Last but certainly not least, the Little River Canyon National Preserve. Another beautiful waterfall and national park that many come to calm their minds, or go on a hike to take pictures. The Little River is also said to be one of the longest rivers in the US that runs a top a mountain. 

Well that’s five places that you can visit in Alabama. They have waterfalls, parks, beaches, and cities that are worth exploring. Hopefully, this gives you some drive to go and visit Alabama.

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