5 Must-Watch TV Shows with Female Leads

Need a new TV show to binge during women’s history month? Want to watch a badass female take on the rest of society? Here are some of my favorite TV shows with strong female leads!

  1. 1. Game of Thrones

    Okay, I know some of you have probably already watched this, but this show is FILLED with strong female leads. Just to name a few, there’s Cersei Lannister, Daenarys Targarian, Arya Stark, and Brienne of Tarth. These ladies make their own rules, and for those who don’t listen...Good luck.

  2. 2. How to Get Away with Murder

    If you love crime shows, you will love this! Viola Davis is a law professor and lawyer Annalise Keating. This up and down drama will keep you on your toes and your jaw on the floor.

  3. 3. Law & Order SVU

    Naturally, I have to include this OG. Everyone loves Olivia Benson and her kick ass attitude. If you love crime shows you will love this. It is also one of the longest running shows on TV now!

  4. 4. Parks and Recreation

    If you love Amy Poehler, you will love this show. This hilarious sitcom brings you through the life of Leslie Knope in a small town in Indiana. I won’t go into too much detail because I feel like this is a popular one, but definitely easy to binge and extremely funny.

  5. 5. Orange is the New Black

    This hilarious drama takes place in an all female unit of a prison. Follow the characters through their time as an inmate and the drama that ensues! Orange is the New Black is based off of the actual time in prison by Piper (the main character).