5 Fashion Pieces to Brighten Up Valentine’s Day



I may say this about every holiday, but Valentine’s Day is for sure my favorite holiday. Single, taken, throupled, or coupled, Valentine’s Day is a holiday for love whether that be for your mom, your best friend, your girlfriend or your dog. February is always a blah month for me with the gray skies, fluctuating temperatures and slush in the streets, so having a day where it is expected to celebrate one of the most basic human emotions, wear pink and eat chocolate is a holiday for me. To brighten up your Valentine’s Day, here are five fashion pieces that you may already own: 

  1. 1. A Pink or White Cardigan

    Girl On Beach In Sundress

    A cardigan is a great wardrobe staple for two reasons: versatility and comfort. Cardigans can be worn over basically any outfit and come in a variety of cuts, materials, and shades, and they're comfy to boot. I love throwing cardigans like this one over a graphic tee or even a cute dress. Plus, shades like pink or white are a simple way to show off your V-Day flair. 

  2. 2. A Fun, Red Sweater

    Stars And Ice Cream 3

    Okay, yes, this is very cliché, but what other day of the year can you unironically rock bold colors like red and a fun pattern? This sweater fits that bill and keeps you cozy at the same time. 

  3. 3. Pastel Scrunchies! 

    Tessa Wilson

    Scrunchies are for sure having a moment right now, and I cannot imagine life without them. They can double as bracelets, they brighten up almost any hair style, and I can live my best Stranger Things life. I will be devastated when this trend goes back in the vault, but before that happens, rock your favorite pastel scrunchies like this one.

  4. 4. A Pink T-Shirt

    pink shirt jeans torso stomach

    Yeah, another cliché, but embracing pink is one of my favorite parts of Valentine’s Day. You can always mix it up with a white shirt or a red one, but sticking in the traditional color palette can nonchalantly indicate you’re observing V-Day. 

  5. 5. Bold Earrings

    Girl With Fringe Earings 2

    I am a huge fan of bold earrings - almost as much as I am of holidays - and I think everyone should be rocking big earrings from hoops to studs and everything in between. Picking a heart shaped design or a colorful one is a simple way to embrace Valentine’s Day and spice up an everyday outfit.