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  1. They are born with no spots 

While they are known to have spots all over their body, they are not born with them and develop their spots as they grow.  

  1. The movie 101 Dalmatians did a lot of harm to the breed 

101 Dalmatians was the movie where many people were influenced to get a dalmatian but due to many people’s lack of research before adopting one, these dogs then ended up going back to shelters or being rehomed.  It is important to note that they need a lot of attention from their owners, a dedicated amount of time with training and they shed a lot. 

  1. National Fire Pup Day takes place on October 1st 

Dalmatians have many nicknames and one of the nicknames chosen for them is known as the fire pup.  October 1st is known as National Fire Pup day to celebrate these dogs for their history of hard work in the fire department.  

  1. Although you’d think it would be difficult to tell them apart, their spots are unique so you wouldn’t have too much trouble finding out which one is yours 

We know Dalmatians as being a dog with a white color usually having black spots all over them and they sometimes come in brown spots as well. Their spots are said to vary in size and shape in every dog so we are able to distinguish whose Dalmatian belongs to who. 

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