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It can be hard to sit down sometimes and watch a scary movie or read a horror novel, so when you’re looking for some quick horror, there is no better place to look to than two sentence horror stories. Here are 19 of some of the spookiest two sentence horror stories on the internet. 

1. After working a hard day I came home to see my girlfriend cradling our child. I didn’t know which was more frightening, seeing my dead girlfriend and stillborn child, or knowing that someone broke into my apartment to place them there. – cobaltcollapse

2. “Officer, I just looked away for a second and my baby was gone” I sobbed helplessly. “That’s better – I sounded muchmore convincing this time”, I thought with a smile as I finally picked up the phone to call the police. – horrorphiles

3. My girlfriend is scared of horror movies. They make her paranoid, which can be tricky when I’m watching her through her window. 

4. I watched the news tonight; they discovered part of a body in a nearby lake. “With any luck, they won’t find the rest of him,” I grumbled to myself as I changed the channel. 

5. I’ve been scrubbing my hands non-stop for weeks. The blood just won’t come off. 

6. The stew I made for dinner was delicious, but I wanted my husband to take a taste before I served it to my family. It’s such a shame he didn’t enjoy the sight of his own finger.

7. “Oh don’t worry dear we’re glad to have you for dinner.” They said smiling, as I lie bound and gagged on the floor while they sharpened their knives. 

8. After dating all through high school and college, our daughter’s boyfriend finally came by today to ask my husband and me for her hand. We gave it to him, hoping that he’ll finally tell us where the rest of her is. 

9. I had often had a slightly irrational fear of being stalked or having someone show up in the backseat of my car after leaving a bad relationship, so I got a smaller car for sense of security. The day I stopped caring pepper spray with my newfound courage, a soft breath tickled the hears on my neck with a soft “found you.”

10. I couldn’t wait any longer to be a mother. So I grabbed a knife to rip the baby from my stomach.

11. My car thumped over something in the road. And the windshield wipers couldn’t clear the blood away. 

12. I don’t know where the hell my husband is. I don’t even remember where I buried him. 

13. “Hey daddy, I’m fixing little brother for you!” He entered the room to find his 8-year-old daughter scooping the eyes out of their now blind baby. – EccentricStrawberry

14. He Even reads over my Letters to make sure I spelled everything Perfectly. Although My capitalization isn’t Excellent yet. 

15. My closet door slid open with a creak, making me jump. I pretended his distraction had worked and that I didn’t see him crouched in the corner of my room. Liz_Lemon-ade

16. My daughter’s smiling face greeted me from my driveway as I returned home from a hard day. Where is the rest of her?” – Cypher4235

17. “As a biologist, I loave all of my animals. But I sometimes wonder to myself if any of them still remember that they used to be human.” – Timeless-Traveler

18. “it’s been 315 days since the global outbreak, 187 days since I realized I might be the only survivor, and 3 days since since the two of us found each other in the wreckage of the world and regained hope. I’d been alone so long I almost forgot that hallucinating imaginary companions is the first sign of infection.” – Rock-Paper-Cynic

19. Growing up with cats and dogs, I got used to the sounds of scratching at my door while I slept. Now that I live alone, it is much more unsettling.

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Halle is a First Year at the University of Akron. Her major is AYA Integrated Sciences and she plans on being a high school science teacher. She loves costume design and her pets, which include her cat, dog, and mice. Halle loves watching anime and writing in her free time.
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