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You’re going to find so many articles out there that will be about greek life that you’re going to be wondering, “Why is this article any different?” I love greek life and I love all of the people I have met through my experience in Greek life. My reasons for rushing are going to be personal, not general. Before I came to school, I made so many jokes about Greek Life and I never thought I would be here today, writing reasons to rush. 


Reason 1: Confidence. 

I had no confidence in high school or when I first came to college, but my sorority saw me at my worst and still decided to love me. For that, I am forever grateful. Because of my chapter, I have become a strong confident young woman, someone I never thought I could be. 



Reason 2: Networking 

Because of rushing, I met so many people who have opened so many doors for me. For example, I found out about a paid internship in a hospital for Marketing from a community service event,. No matter who you meet, there is a new door waiting to be opened for you.


Reason 3: A home. 

College isn’t easy, especially when you’re far away from your home and family. Rushing gives you an opportunity to find a home away from home. Through hell and high water, your sisters are there for you. 


Reason 4: Stepping out of Comfort Zones

People intimidated me, I won’t lie. Rushing was obviously way out of my comfort zone, but the more confidence I gained from my chapter, the more risks I was willing to take. And because of that, I’m not nearly as scared as I used to be to try new things. 


Reason 5: Involved AF

Obviously you’re going to be involved on campus if you’re going Greek, but it’s honestly so much more than that. They say that what you put into greek life is what you get out if it. Which is true! If you go to socials and sisterhoods, you get the best kind of experience. The more you participate, the more you become involved. 


Reason 6: A dope sisterhood

I don’t really need to explain this one. These girls are there for you through everything. It creates a special bond between a group of woman and I wouldn’t trade my sisters in for the world. 


Reason 7: Empowering Women

This ties in with a dope sisterhood. Despite what you think, sororities are full of feminists and are built on the idea of empowering women. 


Reason 8: Leadership, who doesn’t want that?

Leadership qualities!! Your resume will thank you one day. 


Reason 9: So many closets to shop through, it’s amazing

Looking for a certain pair of shoes? Call your sister Heather up. Need a dress for formal? Hit up your Recruitment chair, she’ll have one. The amount of closets to borrow articles of clothing from are endless. 


Reason 10: Infinite amount of love

There will be days when you feel as if the world is just getting too much and your sisters will be your backbone through thick and thin. No matter the day or the occasion, there is so much love between you and your sisters it’s actually sickening. 

Arden Palmquist is a Senior at The University of Akron majoring in Public Relations. She enjoys blogging and posting on her Instagram.
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