10 Must Watch Scary Movies

The first time I was allowed to go to a movie theater without adults was 2012. I went with my best friend at the time and we saw House at the End of the Street, a horror movie starring Jennifer Lawrence. It wasn’t the best scary movie I would ever see but it did awaken a passion for horror flicks. Since that day I have seen countless scary movies. New ones in the theater, old ones rented from the library and even crappy ones hidden deep in Netflix. It was not an easy task but I’ve wracked my brain and come out with ten favorites. If you are considering having a scary movie marathon, try using this as a reference, you won’t be disappointed.

  1. 1. "The Boy" (2016)

    An American woman attempts to escape her problems by becoming a Nanny in England. She is surprised (and a little creeped out) to find that the boy she will be caring for is actually a life sized doll. She watches in shock as the “parents” teach her how to care for the boy acknowledging him as if he is alive. After they leave she ignores the doll. Strange things begin to happen and the story unravels from there.

  2. 2. "The Platform" (2019)

    At the very top a gorgeous abundant meal is prepared and placed on a platform. The platform passes through each level allowing the two prisoners that reside on that level to eat for two minutes. The ones at the top eat like kings while those below starve. Life is better at the top but with random floor changes happening every month, you better trust your cellmate to not get too hungry when you end up with nothing but empty food dishes passing through. Day after day.

  3. 3. "Would You Rather" (2012)

    A rich doctor hosts a dinner party full of people who need his financial assistance. He tells them they will be playing “would you rather”  to compete for the money. He gives the participants an opportunity to leave which they all decline. Moments later it is revealed the doctor has violent intentions. The guests reveal their true nature as playing to win and playing to survive turn out to be the same thing.

  4. 4. "Sinister" (2012)

    A True-Crime novelist and his family move into a house where a terrible crime has happened. He is hoping to revive his career by writing a novel about the tragedy. As he digs deeper into the secrets of the house he stumbles onto disturbing video tapes. From there, strange things start occurring, each more horrifying than the last as the author struggles between protecting his family and writing another best seller.

  5. 5. "Strangers: Prey at Night" (2018)

    A family visits a trailer park owned by relatives. When they arrive, their hosts are nowhere to be found. Waiting for them however are three masked strangers who will stop at nothing to murder them.

  6. 6. "Goodnight Mommy" (2014)

    A pair of twins become suspicious of their mother's identity after she returns from surgery with bandages on her face. They notice that she is distant, completely ignoring one boy and even refusing to feed him.The twins come to the realization that it might not be their mother and develop a plan to find out if she’s an impostor.

  7. 7. "Lights Out" (2016)

    A young woman must go back to her childhood home to protect her brother from their mentally ill mother. She comes to a chilling realization that the dreamed up monster from her childhood might be what’s always kept their family apart. She can make things right...as long as the lights stay on.

  8. 8. "Oculus" (2013)

    Reunited after many years, a pair of siblings attempts to keep a promise to clear their families name. After tracking down the mirror they believe drove their parents insane, they begin their plan. All they need to do is prove the mirror has powers and then destroy it. It seems simple but the mirror is not going down without a fight and it has more than a couple of tricks up its sleeve.

  9. 9. "Train to Busan" (2016)

    A man and his daughter board a train in South Korea. As they travel they are oblivious to the fact that the world is rapidly falling apart around them. The train could provide some protection-unless someone gets infected.

  10. 10. "Us" (2019)

    A family’s trip to California goes awry when a group of mysterious strangers enters their rental house. Who are they and why are they here? To answer that question they might have to do some digging into one family member's past.