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10 DIY Halloween Decorations

Not big into spooky and scary things around this time of the year? That’s okay! You can still get into the Halloween spirit by decorating with these cute and easy decorations. Best part? You can do them all by yourself, giving you extra crafts to do while watching Halloween Town!

1. Candy Corn Mason Jars

These mason jars are super cute and super easy! Plus there’s more than one way to make them! You can get orange, yellow and white balloons, cut the tops and bottoms off, and wrap them around the mason jars. Another easy way to make them is simply to paint them!


2. Quoted Pumpkins

If you haven’t  heard of painting a pumpkin before, where have you been? This cute idea takes painting to a whole other level. Instead of simply painting a picture, design or your initials, try painting these clever Halloween quotes on!


3. Pumpkin Flower Pots

The best part of these pumpkins? They’re fake! Michael’s sells these real looking pumpkins that you can actually carve, but that are completely fake and can be used for long periods of time to decorate without them rotting in your house or apartment! To turn these magical pumpkins into flower pots, simply carve the top off and make room inside the pumpkins, put some soil inside, and plant your flowers! It’s super simple, but oh so cute!


4. Candy Corn Picture Frame

This cute decoration can be done tons of different ways! Pick out a picture frame that you love and spray paint it whatever color you want. Next, get a corkboard and either spray paint it the color you want or cover it with a fabric you like that you can staple to the board in the back to keep it from falling off. Once you do that, you can put the board into the frame and start decorating! One cute and easy way to do this is to do candy corn colored polka dots! Get felt in the colors you want, and cut it into small circles. Then, use a hot glue gun to fold the circles in half once, and then again. At this point, your circles will almost have the shape of a fortune cookie. From here, just hot glue gun multiple ones together to make circles. Then you can glue them to your board or even slip a push pin in the middle to attach them to the cork board.


5. Yarn Pumpkins

These cute pumpkins are easier than it looks, AND you can get all of the needed supplies from the dollar store! First, blow up a balloon to whatever shape or size you want your pumpkin to be. Then, tie a piece of string around the knot of the balloon so you can hang it off on something (this makes the rest of the process a lot easier). Next, cut the string into multiple strands, as many as you want to cover your pumpkin. Put a piece of string in a bowl of liquid glue, then run the string through the open spaces on a fork to help strain excess glue. Wrap the yarn around the balloon and repeat with the rest of your strands. Leave your balloon hanging to dry for about 24 hours. Once the yarn is all dry, cut the balloon near the knot so you can detach the glued strands as you deflate it in order to maintain your pumpkin’s shape. Once the balloon is completely deflated, pull it out of the pumpkin, put some brown and green pipe cleaners on top, and you’re set to decorate!


6. Candy Corn or Pumpkin Vases

These classy and cute decorations are super simple and barely require any work! Remember water marbles, those little marbles that grew in size when added to water? You can use those for this craft, or even just simply marbles! Get your glass – and it can be any size or shape you want – and fill it with the marbles! Start with yellow on the bottom, followed by orange, and then white for a candy corn effect. If you want a pumpkin, just use orange and then tape jack-o-lantern faces that you can cut out of black paper onto the vase!


7. Halloween Hand Soap

Want to add a little touch to your bathroom as well? Easy! Get an empty soap dispenser to fill with clear hand soap (or one already full with clear soap). You can add little spider rings to the soap container, plastic candy corn, or even pumpkin shaped table confetti! Want an extra touch of color? Put a few drops of orange food coloring in and stir your soap up!


8. Boo Sign

This super cute and super easy BOO sign can be done in so many different ways! All you need is wooden letters from a craft store, spray paint of any color you’d like, and ribbon of your choosing! Just spray paint the letters, then loop the ribbon between the holes of the letters so that they can be connected. From there, all you have to do is staple the ribbon loops together and you’re good to go!


9. Pumpkin Party Favors

Having a Halloween party? Here’s a cute decoration that your guests can actually take home! Cut piece of orange tissue paper into circles. Put a small pile of candy into the middle of the circle, and gather the edges together until you have a sphere. Twist the top and wrap it with green tape to have a cute pumpkin filled with goodies!


10. Pumpkin Balloon Pinatas


These cute little treats will look as fun as they are! Get an orange balloon and put some candy and treats into it before blowing it up. Then blow it up and tie it closed. All that’s left to do is cut jack-o-lantern faces out of black paper, glue them on, and set them out for enjoyment!

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