Why You Shouldn't Drive From Avery to Agnes

*Disclaimer: This article does not pertain to anyone who may have a legitimate medical condition or physical restriction that prevents them, or makes it difficult for them, to travel to the ASC campus from the Avery Glen apartments. In other words, y’all are alright with me.*

When my roommate, who works as a CWS tutor in Campbell, told me that she wanted to drive to work, I was taken aback. I know for sure that it’s definitely a bit of a walk from the Avery Glen apartments to campus. But is it really that much of a hassle to use your own two feet?

Keep in mind that I do not have a vehicle. You could say from that sentence that I’m pretty much just bitching my bitter song since I basically have to walk everywhere, including the MARTA station, to get to work almost every day. I’d probably say the same thing if she didn’t tell me that people drive to class every day. From Avery to Agnes? Oh, come on.

Either way, I want to try to convince the ones driving to class every single day why this is something they shouldn’t do on a regular basis and the potential benefits of walking to the two destinations. If not, I hope what I say will at least make you more aware.

Let’s state the obvious: it’s bad for the environment. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, an average passenger vehicle emits 4.7 tons of carbon dioxide per year. That’s about 28 pounds a day, and about 411 grams per mile. The Google maps estimation from Avery to Agnes is 0.4 miles. That’s a little over 164 grams of carbon dioxide that you’re contributing to the detriment of our environment. Global warming is real, friends.

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Another reason why you should walk between these two destinations is simply because it’s healthier for you (minus the 164 grams that you’ve emitted every day before then). Like I said, the walk isn’t always a perfect stroll. It can sometimes take me between 10 to15 minutes, depending on the time of day. But those are a few more minutes that I’m contributing to my daily exercise of at least 30 minutes a day. And if you’re one of those loyal health trackers like me, I get a slight sense of satisfaction from reaching my daily goal of steps from my Samsung Health app (yes, I am an Android user, too). Plus, as far as social well-being, most students walk anyway. Say hello to your fellow Scotties or give them a warm smile (can you tell I’m southern, too?)

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The only other exception I can think of as to why it would be sort of okay for you to drive from the apartments to campus would be if you’re late for class. Though, even with that, I’d probably only consider it if you had a really important test or presentation. If not, you’re already late anyway. Whip up a cup of coffee and grab the notes from one of your classmates later on.

Keep these pointers in mind when you’re making your decision each day. Maybe you’ll see me bitching from the sidewalk one day *inserts smiley face*.