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I have a lot of hobbies, and in these hobbies, I tend to collect objects that might not have much value to the everyday human. Today I’ll be going over sticker collecting! I have always enjoyed stickers since I was a kid, who doesn’t? But I was also one of those kids who was very anxious about permanently sticking a sticker to someplace forever. Luckily or unluckily for me, I quickly grew out of that mindset. I now tend to place stickers anywhere I think they look good. 

You can use stickers for a lot of different things! For letters, cards, crafting projects, electronics, journals, diaries, books, furniture, walls, frames, etc. Most people tend to collect stickers to display them in sticker books, or for journaling purposes. Others enjoy gifting their stickers to family and friends. I tend to collect them for all reasons listed above. Stickers can be fuzzy, puffy, smell like fruits, different sizes, glossy, shiny, matte, one of a kind, etc. Decorating everything with stickers is always fun and puts a smile on your face. 

Sticker collecting is a great hobby, as it’s easy and cheap. You can buy stickers from thrift stores, craft stores, online stores, etc. All stores are bound to sell some type of stickers!!! You just have to make sure you look in the stationary aisle. You never know what you might find! A lot of stickers in thrift stores are usually vintage, and those go on eBay for a pretty penny. Online shops from independent artists are also a great place to buy stickers. Not only do you get cool stickers that aren’t sold in stores, but you are also supporting talented artists. Stickers are also not that expensive. Depending on the type you buy, it’s easy to gather a collection quickly. Sometimes you can even get stickers for free at your college or events! I tend to keep my stickers in a storage box. My vintage and rare stickers are carefully placed in an old vintage photo album. 

It’s also a very relaxing and stress-free hobby, as one doesn’t need to be actively looking for them if you don’t want to. I hope I see more stickers collectors out there! 


Annel Chavez

Agnes Scott '21

Annel Chavez is a student at Agnes Scott College. She's majoring in English Creative Writing with a minor in Spanish. She grew up in the Southside of Chicago and enjoys exploring her city when she can. Annel loves to read, write, draw, long walks, her dog, and anything that gets her creative mind going.