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Who’s Next to Die on How to Get Away with Murder?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Agnes Scott chapter.


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*Warning: Article contains spoilers about the current season of How to Get Away with Murder.*

On Thursday, How to Get Away with Murder will reveal who dies in season four. In the most recent episode, “Nobody Roots for Goliath,” we saw doctors swarming over a mystery patient whose vitals had flatlined. We have only one clue as to the patient’s identity: Michaela asked, “Is he dead?” We know it’s a male character who’s dead, and we’ve seen Oliver, Asher, and Roa, all alive. So which of How to Get Away with Murder’s remaining male characters will die this Thursday? I’ve come up with four possibilities.

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He and Oliver have been very happy lately, and it’s making me suspicious. You know Hollywood loves to kill off gay characters, especially when they start to find happiness. He’s also just found out about the heist Laurel and co. are going to try and pull next week. Maybe he tried to interfere and ended up dead? But I can’t imagine any of our leads wanting to kill Conner…



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I think he’s a viable candidate. He’s involved with Laurel’s heist, so there’s plenty that could go wrong there. As part of that, he’d presumably be going to the office party that becomes the scene of the crime. The show might also be heading for the extra drama of having both of Laurel’s potential baby daddies be dead.



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In case you don’t remember who Simon is, he’s that annoying law student who’s always showing up the Keating five four (RIP Wes). In “Nobody Roots for Goliath,” the heist crew (a.k.a. Oliver, Asher, Laurel, Michaela, and Frank) decide that they’re going to pin everything on him. Even though he’s a DACA kid and could get deported. Yeah, this show’s never been about unambiguously moral characters. Since Simon’s unwittingly in the thick of the plot, I could see him ending up dead as a result, especially if the show doesn’t want to write out a more major character.



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Laurel’s Dad

To recap, he’s responsible for killing Wes. This season so far has been about Laurel trying to get vengeance and destroy him. If the show wants to close off the “vengeance for Wes” plotline, killing off Laurel’s father would be a pretty good move. He could also potentially have been at the scene of the crime, since it’s the firm who works for his company.

I can speculate as much as I want, but none of us will know for sure what happens until Thursday’s episode airs.

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