What’s the Deal With Waffle House?

                                                                      (Image via  www.flickr.com)


Waffle House seems to be a staple of high school and college life for many people, but why? As someone who didn’t grow up with Waffle House, it always surprised me how dedicated people were to this breakfast chain. I couldn’t seem to go a day without hearing someone make plans to go there at odd hours of the morning or pass by one of the hundreds that are around every corner. Even after a few years of living in what seems like a Waffle House haven, I had never been to one despite the constant murmur in my ear about them. Everyone would tell me about how it is one of their favorite places to hang out. I even heard some say that they served some of the best waffles out there. This got me thinking, what is the deal with Waffle House and am I possibly overlooking something incredible?


After some deep contemplation and some persuasion from friends, I decided it was time for me to try it for myself. In the usual fashion, we went for dinner, since it seems that one gets the most out of a Waffle House experience when they go at a time that is not typically associated with breakfast. I appreciated the late night diner atmosphere of the restaurant and could easily understand why this place would attract people looking to hang out with friends and also get a satisfying meal. Now it was time for the real test, the waffles. How did a Waffle House waffle hold up? If I were to believe everyone around me I was going to be blown away. I ordered a plain waffle and waited with excitement. I was about to try my first Waffle House waffle.


 .                                                                    (Photo by Claudia Belfiore)


I took my first bite as my friend filmed this momentous occasion and I came away with my official assessment. It was a good waffle, I wasn't completely blown away as I had been expecting, but I was not disappointed either. The presentation impressed me and I had a soft and delicious dinner. I now better understand the enthusiasm people have for Waffle House; it’s not just about the food but about the experience of going there. I had a fun night hanging out at Waffle House, joking with friends and enjoying a less traditional dinner. Part of the appeal are the social interactions you have while eating your meal. It was also fun just looking around and seeing all the other groups of people there, enjoying the friendly laid-back atmosphere that seems to be part of the Waffle House experience. I am looking forward to another late night trip to everyone’s favorite breakfast place.


                                                                      (Photo by Claudia Belfiore)